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Have you ever heard the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon? Because today, I will introduce to you a game adaptation of this film called Dragon Mania Legends. This is a very attractive game released by Gameloft for free on both mobile platforms and PCs with content that follows the plot.

Dragon Mania Legends tells the story of Hiccup, son of Stoick The Vast, who lives on an island that has traditionally killed dragons. Here, killing dragons is considered to be a courageous, brave action and only trained soldiers can participate in killing dragons. Hiccup is an honest boy, he loves the dragons and craves for nurturing and training them to become mighty warriors.

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Dragon Mania Legends is one game of the highest rated virtual pet game genres currently. Transformed into Hiccup, you will become the god of the island where there are only lovely dragons. Your task is to nurture and train them to become mighty warriors that can defend their territory from Viking invaders.

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The world of diverse dragons, including hundreds of different types of dragons, have different characteristics of appearance and power, divided into nine categories: water, fire, trees, wind, land, metal, vacuum, myth. Starting with two little dragons, you will have to breed and train them at the Dragon Academy, teaching them new spells to create a kingdom with hundreds of mighty dragons.

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One interesting thing about the game is that you can cross between different dragons to create a new breed with the power of both parent dragons. They will inherit the strengths and overcome the disadvantages of old varieties.

In Dragon Mania Legends, you will have a lot of work to do, including Dragon Island upgrades, food harvesting, and join dragon battle. By combining different gameplay styles, in the game you can build buildings on the island, farm food and feed the dragons and train them. At one point, you can bring the dragons to battle against the Viking dragons. And when you complete the quest, you will receive many exciting rewards such as experience points, gold, gems and food for the dragon.

At one point, when your dragons are big enough, you can let them join the 3vs3 dragon battles to earn bonuses. Each team will select 3 dragons and you can choose the dragons that match the team. Mechanism of battle in the dragon battle is quite simple, with the turn-based mode, you just click on the element icon of the dragon and drag it to the side of the opponent’s dragon to attack. Each time you take part in the battle, you will consume energy, and if this energy is gone you will not be able to fight. The only way to continue is to wait for the energy column to fill up.

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In terms of graphics and sound, this game has beautiful 3D graphics with live islands and lovely dragons. However, the sound of the game itself is quite monotonous and not special.

Main function:

  • Build your Dragon Island and explore the dragon world.
  • Have your strongest dragons.
  • Feed, feed, cuddle and train the baby dragons.
  • Teach your dragon special skills.
  • Collect and explore all kinds of different dragons.
  • Join the exciting 3v3 extreme battles.
  • Visit and send gifts to other players around Dragolandia.
  • Head to other players in Arena and win.

For me, Dragon Mania Legends is a pretty lightweight game with Dragon Island management, a combination of elements such as farming, farm and fighting … which is familiar in other games on the market people. The gameplay can be easily captured. Although the gameplay is nothing new, actually Dragon Mania Legends is worth playing. Below is the download link for Dragon Mania Legends for both mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) and computer (Windows).

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