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Referring to the action game, we are no stranger to Dragon Nest, one of the most exciting action game on PC. In the past, I introduced you Divine Paradise. This is a mobile version similar to Dragon Nest, but not the official version.

Soon after the release of SIAMGAME announced the release of Dragon Nest’s official mobile version is Dragon Nest M, I must quickly find information about this game. If you want to experience, you can download APK files for Android devices. If not, you have to wait for the English version some time. You should register early Dragon Nest M because players who early registration will receive a lot of valuable rewards.


Dragon Nest M gameplay

Dragon Nest M brings you back to the medieval world, where the world still has warriors, witches or evil monsters. They often kidnap beautiful girls, eating innocent people. As a knight, you can not let them do what they do. You have to gather the bravest warriors, kill the monsters and protect the peace of the whole land. Not only that, the kingdom also has giant dragons. In general, the plot of the game remains the same as the PC version. However, the mobile version has a lot of new things you will explore during playing.

Characters system

Dragon Nest M graphics

The game has four main character classes including Warrior, Archer, Sorceress and Assassin. Each character possesses unique abilities and powers, which you can choose from to suit your hobbies. If you prefer to use a hero has a long range, you can choose Archer. If you like the hero has powerful skills, Sorceress is not a bad idea.

Your character will be strengthened by each level. When you reach certain levels, you can unlock new skills and equip your character with powerful equipment. In addition, you can customize the appearance of the character to create a unique style, unlike any other.


Dragon Nest M gameplay 2

Like other role-playing games, you will be given the basic tasks to begin the story. I’m very impressed with the world in Dragon Nest M. As soon as you enter the game, you have to say “Oh my God” because the virtual world in the game is too large. I think it may take a whole month to discover the world in this game. From mysterious woods, vast prairies to ancient fortresses, you will have an adventure.

The most prominent feature of Dragon Nest M is probably the Dungeon system. Dozens of giant Bosses are waiting for you. You can mix with other players. Together defeat the boss, all get a lot of equipment of the game. In addition to that, it is impossible not to mention to PvP mode. Called “Fair Mode”, you can choose 1vs1, 4vs4 and 8vs8 matches. In this mode, your teamwork ability will greatly affect the game. Combined with allies, destroy all enemies, climb the highest ranking in the rankings. Do you want to become the best warrior in Dragon Nest M?

Unlike the PC version, the skill in Dragon Nest M does not automatically target the enemy, which requires that you correctly perform the skill to deal damage. On the phone, you will find it harder to do more skill combos. However, the interface of Dragon Nest M is quite scientific, making it easy to familiarize yourself and take less time to master. The right side of the screen is the virtual key to help you develop skills, while the left screen is the virtual key to help you move.


Dragon Nest M characters

The graphics of Dragon Nest M surprised me. You will hardly find the difference between Dragon Nest M and the PC version. Shaping buildings, trees, characters … in casual style is beautiful, bright colors. You can enjoy the sound of the wind, the murmuring water, … The sound is also produced by top musicians.

Why should you play Dragon Nest M?

No argument about the popularity of this game. If you are a fan of action role-playing games, Dragon Nest M is definitely a game you can not ignore. Are you ready for adventure in the legendary world?

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