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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3+ iOS 9.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 1.9 GB
  • Latest Version: 1.7.13


Dungeon Hunter Champions is a MOBA game project of Gameloft that released in August last year for the iOS platform. After a period of development and stability, Gameloft decided to bring this game to Android users, but at present, Dungeon Hunter Champions is still in the soft-launch period.

A mysterious world

Dungeon Hunter Champion

Dungeon Hunter Champions will bring you to a mysterious world with countless creatures only in the legend. Players will have to create their own lineup by gathering or recruiting powerful champions, and driving them on endless adventures, discovering mysterious lands, and fighting against them. bad monsters.

Champions system

Dungeon Hunter Champion 2

With up to 275 Champions, players can collect in various ways such as participating in in-game activities, or through rewarding rewards after a match. Besides, you can also upgrade, upgrade equipment, weapons to increase the stats for the character as well as the team. Due to the diversity of the Champion system, the role of each champion is somewhat of a MOBA, and you will have to use the strengths of the character to create the optimal tactics, contributing to bringing victory for the team.

In addition, Dungeon Hunter Champions is a pretty harmonic combination of MOBA genre with ARPG elements, giving the player a full-blown battle. You can choose between many different game modes depending on your preferences and Solo Campaign mode if you like PvE and are willing to “hack” any target in sight, or choose Multiplayer mode, take the player into a medium sized arena, and you will have to compete with other players.

Unlike most games, the auto feature is also available if you wish to farm level, earn gold, equip, or champion…Want to enjoy playing? With analogue-style controls that you all know, you can control your champion to defeat the evil forces that want to destroy the world. Simply, Dungeon Hunter Champions is arguably similar to Marvel Future Fight if you ever play.


Dungeon Hunter Champion 3

In terms of graphics, Dungeon Hunter Champions are built with bright graphics, with a similar style to the “senior” Dungeon Hunter 4 is also the “big brother” Gameloft released. But the game still has its own unique elements that make the game feel no duplication of experience.

Dungeon Hunter Champions uses a 3-D graphics platform that highlights the skill effects, character traits and other minor details. However, it is quite heavy if you use a mid-end device. Dungeon Hunter Champions also possesses a clear and easy-to-view combat interface, which allows players to become familiar with the game’s combat mechanics quickly.

Dungeon Hunter Champion 4

At this soft-launch for Android, Gameloft has expanded to a few other areas so that users can more easily access the game, readers can visit the address below for further reference as well as downloading games as a Gameloft fan. Note that you need to convert the Apple ID account to the corresponding area, or if you are an Android user, please download the APK file indirectly through the link below to install on your phone.

Note that this game will require a minimum of 1.9 GB of storage and a network connection when playing.

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