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Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is considered the epic story after Dungeon Hunter 5. This game has just been introduced and officially released Gameloft. Beginning with the gaming community for the first time since 2003, the Dungeon Hunter series has brought to Gameloft a lot of players.

Although this is only a spin-off of the world’s top RPG series, Dungeon Hunter’s fans still favor the game as Dungeon Hunter 6. Still, the battle again monsters in a typical role-playing game ARPG, Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is creating a new trend in the world. There is no reason to skip such a great game. Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven supports devices on both iOS and Android.


The story of Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is the story behind Dungeon Hunter 5, in a world full of monster-raging monsters everywhere. As a bounty hunter, bring your sword, adventure through the vast lands to destroy the monsters, return peace to the innocent and put your name on the legendary warriors. The life of everyone in the whole kingdom is dependent on you.

The new in gameplay

The gameplay of Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven turning around the style of a traditional ARPG game has become so familiar with the gaming community. Before playing the game, you have to choose a default character of the game. You have to go through some dialogue with some characters in the game to introduce the storyline as well as the world in Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven.

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You will be directed to the game as instructed to open the story. A lot of secrets and warriors’ tips are revealed during your dangerous journey. After completing the quests of the game, you will receive a gold, experience points as well as rare equipment.

A special feature of the version of Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven this time that the publisher hides a lot of interesting side quests while you go to the main quests. This gives a certain appeal to the game.

Your enemies have the hard control skills such as stunning, tying, slow will make you fight the most cautiously, especially when total fighting. Not only that, but the monsters also own the boss with the power of terror. This brings a real challenge to the players of Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven. However, there is nothing that hard for you cannot overcome right?

Dungeon Hunter Curse of Heaven

Character classes

Each character in Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven has a different set of moves. There are many kinds of characters that have different power properties for you to choose from such as Gladiator, Shadowman, Magician, etc. Each character will own three skill combinations and one final skill. I advise you to practice the skill set to be able to combine the most miraculous.

Try to shut down as many monsters as possible in just a few moves, as they will sometimes get very animated and you will spend a lot of time-solving them without optimizing your moves. There is an experience when playing Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is that you constantly accumulate the combo, the amount of gold and experience you will gain more.

Dungeon Hunter Curse of Heaven 3

New graphics

If Sonic Runners Adventure is a game that Gameloft bought from SEGA, then Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is designed and developed by the company. This game still has the style of Dungeon Hunter, with stunning 3D graphics. The effects also bring visual effects to very high realism.

If your phone is a low-end device, you just have to adjust the graphics to Medium or Low is able to play the game smoothly. Also, the game does not require the Internet to play anywhere. The interface of Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven function buttons: is also very scientific and reasonable, you will feel somewhat similar to some MOBA games like Arena of Valor for example.

My thought

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven owns modern data compression technology so players can easily download with only 40MB of storage. But gradually, the game will update, and size will increase significantly. Overall, I think this is one of the most good role-playing games of all time in 2018.

You can experience the details of this game through a BETA program. And if you want to play, then wait for the official launch of the game or download the APK version.

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