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Basketball is a familiar sport in the world, so familiar to appear as a minigame in the Facebook message. Today, I still decided to introduce you to a basketball game on the iOS App Store.

Based on the basketball sport with the goal of putting the ball in the basket, the Voodoo developer created the hit Dunk Hit. For most players, Dunk Hit will create fun and relax during leisure time thanks to its relatively simple gameplay and easy-to-understand goal: Put the ball in the basket. However, the even simple games like Dunk Hit or Rolly Vortex have their own complexities. That is why this game is creating a miracle when continuously topping the Appstore.


Dunk Hit

If you have played Flappy Bird or other “Flappy” games, you will be familiar with how to play Dunk Hit. On the screen a random basketball hoop appears on the left or right of the screen, accompanied by a ball. Each time it hits the ball, it will be a little more advanced. And when you release your hand, it will fall. The player’s task is to touch the ball until it reaches the basket.

Each time you put the ball in the basket, you will score. If in fact, put the ball from the top to score points, in the Dunk Hit, you can put the ball from the bottom up. Remember there is a time bar and you have to put the ball in the basket before the time runs out, time will be refreshed every time you put the ball in the basket.

Dunk Hit 2

The ultimate goal of the game is to try to score as many points as possible. Normally, every time you put the ball in the basket you will gain 1 point, but not all. If you put the ball in the basket without touching the backboard, you get the “perfects” effect on the screen and increase the score you get. If you receive the “perfects” effect continuously, the points added in each pass to the basket will be added continuously until you lose the effect.

Dunk Hit 3

Unlock new ball

Dunk Hit 4

When accumulated to certain points, you can unlock new ball types. Maybe balls with different colors, be it fruits, or random objects. There are 24 different types of the ball for you to choose now, in the future may be more.

To switch to a ball you have already unlocked, just click on it. The condition of unlocking a ball can be to achieve a certain score, achieving “perfect” effect, etc. Simply unlocking new types of ball brings a better feeling of gaming, right?


The small thing is, when you fail, you can watch a promotional video in seconds to be able to continue your journey with the score. Or simply play again from the beginning without limitation.

In the game, there are some ads. If you feel uncomfortable and do not want to see ads, you can spend $ 2.9 to disable it permanently by clicking on the “No Ads” icon on the game menu. It is not mandatory, but you should also take note.


In summary, Dunk Hit has some key features and quite basic but still very attractive for those who are free and want to find something to relax. There is only one version for iOS, when Android version available I will update immediately.

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