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Another great game is coming from the publisher Ketchapp. I love all games from this publisher because they all have a simple but unique gameplay style that does not like any previous game. Besides, they are very entertaining, very suitable for players who like to kill time. Perhaps so, Ketchapp’s games always get a lot of love from the gamers. Today’s game introduced to you as Dunk Line will certainly bring a lot of surprises.

Simple is the best

Dunk Line apk

As with the Ketchapp brand, Dunk Line does not need a plot or content that is too complex, you do not need to care. The gameplay is simple too. Same with Ketchapp’s previous game Dunk Shot, the game is about basketball. So all you have to do is put the balls into the basket to win the game.

That right. For each level of the game, there will be some balls thrown up. Your task is to draw lines to the falling balls on the designed baskets available on the screen. Control the game by swiping the screen the line you want. In the first few levels, you feel everything is easy because the number of balls is not much. But the higher the level, the more balls, the harder the challenge.

Each level limits the number of draws. You can see the limit at the top of the device screen. Use as few turns as possible, the more points you get, even x3, x4 times. Note that some screens have bombs. In addition to putting the ball in the basket, you have to disable the bomb before it explodes.

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It sounds simple, but Dunk Line requires players to have creativity and imagination. Besides, you must have good reflexes and quick analysis to cope with every situation the game presents. Just one wrong decision, you may have to take the failure and have to play again from the beginning.

Dunk Line has endless gameplay and also has only one mode. That means you keep playing until you lose. Just have a ball fall out or a bomb explodes, you will be the loser. Conquer more level as you can, the more you set the record of this game. Moreover, you can show your points to friends by sharing through the social networks associated with the game.

Dunk Line apk mod

One thing that is common in Ketchapp’s games is advertising. Although the game is free, you will find it annoying because the ads show up pretty much. You can view the ad to support the publisher. Otherwise, I recommend disconnecting Wifi, 3G, 4G so that you do not have to see ads. That makes your gaming experience smoother and more pleasant.

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I dare to bet with you that it is difficult to find a game that has simpler graphics than Dunk Line. With simple 2D design, lightly but also very interesting. This game has something very addictive. The sound of the game is also very exciting and fun.

Should play Dunk Line?

With all the above factors, it is not too difficult to understand when Dunk Line has a large number of players. This game is good with free players, who want to kill free time.

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