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Durango: Wild Lands is a mobile survival game developed by NEXON. Currently, although only a trial version, but the game has attracted millions of players to participate. This shows the appeal of this unique survival game. With the new gameplay and beautiful graphics to detail, it is not difficult to understand when Durango: Wild Lands is one of the most sought-after games in 2018. Let’s find out why this game attractive so.


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After the fiery battles in Point Blank, NEXON takes us to another world.

From the moment I stepped into Durango: Wild Lands, I was completely overwhelmed by the immediate presence of an ancient world that was mimicking the real world. You will be one of the pioneers, returning to primordial times, when the Earth is still wild. At this point, the dinosaurs are not extinct. A lot of survival battles will take place in this game, which requires you to overcome the selection of nature. Can you survive in this dangerous world?

How to play

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Your mission is to use all that you can to survive in Durango: Wild Lands. Find food, water, and clothing by the weather in Durango: Wild Lands are very harsh. And they are the most powerful weapons to protect yourself from animals, especially bloodthirsty dinosaurs. In addition, you can build houses, build bridges, manufacture facilities such as factories, factories if you earn enough raw materials. Create safe areas to avoid predators when dangerous.

Sounds creepy. But fortunately, you are not alone in this world. There are many other players around the world. Make friends and help each other live on this fierce planet. You can hunt together, collect water together, destroy the bloodthirsty dinosaurs together and build up the same works. Make friends with friends around the world through this game. However, since this is a war of survival, be careful because not everyone is good. They can rob you, leave you even kill you if possible. Sometimes, you have to fight with other players to survive. It’s not that easy in Durango: Wild Lands.

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However, things are not so bad. What I love when playing Durango: Wild Lands is the domestication of dinosaurs. Sometimes, you do not need to kill them because you can tame them, make them friends, help us a lot in the journey as well as in the fight to survive. When I was watching dinosaur films, I always dreamed of riding a dinosaur in the ancient world, and finally, the dream came true when playing this game.

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Durango: Wild Lands own a large open space. Here, players are the ones who created their own world from scratch. The first people to enter Durango: Wild Lands will be the first to lay the foundations of life on this planet. This is the difference between Durango: Wild Lands and the rest. You will be free to explore the world, create your own special things, as long as you live.

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As for the graphics, I do not need to say more. By entering this game, you will not think this is just a game on the phone. Everything from small to large appears in the most honest way, giving the player a great experience. Publisher NEXON has been very successful in creating such a perfect game.

More graphics of the game through Video:

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Basically, this game is just that. It’s amazing when it comes to over 5 million downloads on Google Play, though NEXON just released the beta. You can participate in this testing process by download Durango: Wild Lands through the links below.

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