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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed for Android / iOS is a must-have game for those who love classic titles and graphics. The game brings you back to the Three Kingdoms war in China. Those who have read the book “Three Kingdoms”, this is the moment you experience it really. NEXON is a famous Chinese publisher who narrates the history of the country through developing the game. Currently, this game is being released on both Android and iOS, especially since it’s free, allowing users to easily download and play games. Why should not you ignore this game? And here is the reason.


Dynasty Warriors Unleashed gameplay

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is set in the legendary Red Clifford campaign. It is divided into three different galaxies: Wei, Shu, Wu. The highlight of this game is the sound of fierce battles, bloody and full of passion. Where gamers are immersed in three-dimensional space with extremely large battlefields. Will definitely the game will make you feel satisfied.


Dynasty Warriors Unleashed warriors

Sure, MMORPG today is no stranger to gamers. In Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed you will experience an unprecedented role-playing style. Enter the game, you will be embodied in one of the 48 legendary characters such as Zhao Yun, Quan Vu, Cao Cao, Vienna, Lower Land … Each character is designed to look different and they have different skills. Players need to choose the character that suits their abilities, to go along with the fierce battle.

Initially, you will be introduced to the game’s play through the built-in storyline. After being assigned the task, you will have to complete in a short time to improve skills. Your task is to kill all the soldiers around to gain experience points. In Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, you are always in a state of being surrounded by a large number of enemies. With the characteristic weapon in hand, you can use it for fighting. Activate special skill to defeat all enemies in a flash.

You will unlock the remaining skills by completing missions and leveling up. These skills will be the important factor in winning big battles. Calculating cooldown time and making a series of combos to kill enemies quickly.

Flexible play mode

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed modes

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed provides players with 5 different game modes. You can experience online mode or participate in simple Skirmish mode, allowing up to 4 players to play. There is also boss mode, Boss has strong power, requires many players to combine to kill them. Invite friends to fight if you don’t want to die under the Boss. Not only that, through the conquest mode, players can confront other players to overcome the vast land.


Dynasty Warriors Unleashed graphics

NEXON is a well-known Chinese developer of graphical development technology. Therefore, the graphics in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed are beautiful, not surprisingly. The game brings a vivid 3D design that takes you to a fierce battlefield, where you have to do everything yourself to become the strongest. Inspired by the characters of the Three Kingdoms era, the game’s image fully describes the great qualities and passions of the heroes of the time.


I said above, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a game can’t miss. And that is proof. Great graphics bring you the only scenes in the movie, bringing players to the Three Kingdoms, great for those who are looking for a classic game. The game is currently supported on both the Android and iOS platforms. Download Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed for Android / iOS via the links below!

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