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Nexon is one of Korea’s leading game publishers. Ten years ago, Nexon took a very steady step forward with the release of Elsword, the ARPG Hack N Slash title that brought the company millions of dollars at the time. Despite the development of more open versions, but the attraction from Elsword has not shown signs of cooling in the period that the demand for gaming in the world increased. After ten years, Elsword has officially launched a mobile version called Elsword M Shadow of Luna, with improved graphics and gameplay, and retains its unique features.


Story of Elsword M Shadow of Luna is a story in the world of Luna Ross, with the adventures of characters from the Elsword world. An endless journey, a remake of the PC version. If you are a fan of Elsword, you will surely recognize familiar characters, creatures, legendary NPCs in memory in a while.


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About the gameplay, Elsword M Shadow of Luna still brings the familiar experience from the original Elsword, in a new perspective. After entering the game, you will be able to select one of the four primary character classes to play: Elsword, Aisha, Rena, and Raven. Each character will have unique and unique skills and powers. In the future, it is possible that the number of characters in the game will increase to 7. The special in Elsword M Shadow of Luna is that you can change the character according to combat situations.

The fighting style of the characters in the game is divided into two types: automatic attack and manual moves. Based on that, you need to avoid the opponent’s attacks, create combat combinations and counterattack accurately. As mentioned above, you can replace the character if you feel that the character’s stats are no longer met.

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After choosing your character, you can start exploring the world of Luna Ross through a unique story-telling mission system (PVE). You will be led into mysterious stories, with other gamers fight against the dark forces. In addition to playing PVE, PVP mode that where you will be fighting against other players to conquer the arena with hundreds of thousands of good players from around the world.

Elsword M Shadow of Luna

Character development

As an RPG role-playing game, Elsword M Shadow of Luna allows you to develop your character in three ways.

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First: You can learn new skills, upgrade them to make stronger attacks. According to the publisher, each character will have a total of 75 skills.

Second: You can improve character stats by upgrading your character level, the only way to level up is to do the quests and take part in boss battles.

Third: Equip powerful equipment to increase the character’s stats. You can buy equipment from the shop, make materials or collect items when fighting bosses. Naturally, the equipment in the game has a tremendous effect on the character’s power. Note that the point is that the costumes are closely related to the skill set that you can use.


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A powerful upgrade point of Elsword M Shadow of Luna is the upgraded graphics to new heights. If the PC version was only based on the 2.5D graphics engine with engine technology 10 years ago, Elsword M Shadow of Luna has been remade in the new engine, 3D graphics very beautiful. The game focuses on small details, slow-motion effects, and transitions, giving players the feel of both new and familiar.

The game’s graphics system delivers 360-degree rotation, allowing you to customize the viewing angle without limitation. The game will be more attractive thanks to this feature.


Elsword M Shadow of Luna really brings back the familiar feeling in Elsword. I fully believe that this game will achieve the success beyond expectations even though it has only been released in some countries in the world such as Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand at the moment. Elsword M Shadow of Luna is a free-to-play free game on both Android and iOS platforms.

To play Elsword M Shadow of Luna, you will need to have a 4.4.2 Android device, 2GB of RAM, and a 1.9 GHz CPU or more, or a device running iOS 9.0 or later. After the installation is completed, the game will occupy up to 2 GB of memory your device. Do not wait for long, here is the link download Elsword M Shadow of Luna (including a link to store and a link to APK file for install directly).

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