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Eternium is an RPG action game. The PC version of this game was once well-known and loved all over the world in 2014. After many years, the game is getting better both in gameplay and graphics. And recently, publisher Making Fun, the father of Eternium has officially launched the Android and iOS version of this hit game on Google Play and AppStore. The game has somewhat satisfied the expectations of the gaming community over time. Get ready for this action-packed action game by downloading Eternium APK to your device.


Background in the game is beautifully designed. The world is dark grey epic unique. Made in 3D graphics, you will experience the action phase spectacular, virtual effects that you want to play forever.


Entering Eternium, you will be immersed in a dark and ghoulish ghostly world. Here, the devil from hell began to appear everywhere. Behind this whole story is the Ragadam king. They want to destroy the people. You will be reincarnated into one of the characters of the game, taking part in the journey to destroy the devil throughout the lands. Death is getting you ahead. Are you ready for this deadly journey?

Character system

The game features three classes: masters, warriors and bounty hunters. Each character possesses a unique strength, distinctiveness. For example, when you choose Warrior, you will be playing Muscat. He has the strength and stamina of a royal gladiator. Possession of a deadly weapon is a giant sword with a powerful shield, each of his attacks wipes out the enemy, leaving no enemies behind. Or if you choose the Master, you can blow the enemy with just one skill. You even have the ability to burn or freeze. Eternium also has many other characters for you to explore. Kill a lot of monsters, bring a lot of gold money to unlock all the characters of the game.

Each character possesses about 20 skills. The destruction of monsters will help you level up, through which you will be unlocking skills as well as upgrading your skills. Sure, the higher the skill, the greater the damage, even you can destroy the entire monster with one shot. When your character reaches level 70, you will reach the limit. Although your strength is increasing, you will not be levelled again.

Face the most dangerous demons

Eternium 3

Eternium brings you the most monstrous monsters or demons. From zombies, devils, robots to aliens, fire dragons. I advise you to be careful because apart from the monsters that the game assigns, the Eternium also owns a herd of monsters lurking in the bushes along the way. They are ready to take your network at any time.

Upgrade your equipment

Eternium 4

Equip yourself with the most powerful equipment in the game to maximize your power. Do not forget the trunks around you, they will bring you the equipment as well as the huge gold. After playing, I found a little trick that you should know. When you feel your blood is dying, do not try to kill the monster but run away to heal. Because each time you do not take damage, your character will slowly regain lost blood. In addition, you should collect the blood on the map to immediately fill your blood bar. If you die, use your gold to revive the character immediately, not back to the beginning of the level.

Eternium 2

If you are a multi-mode enthusiast then maybe Eternium APK will disappoint you because this game has only one mode. However, it is not affected by this mode enough to consume your time. Fighting style through the pass. The mission system of the game is very intensive, bringing you to the end of this surprise to another surprise. In particular, you will be adventurous through all sorts of mysterious lands, dark caves, or mysterious forests … Also, you can also go kill monsters on the snowy mountain anymore …

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