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  • Platforms: Android 4.2+ iOS 8.0+
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  • Size: 50M
  • Latest Version: 1.1.10


Today, the life is more modern. People have less time, so they are looking for casual entertainment game, which makes them feel comfortable after a stressful day of work. That’s why farm games came out. Games help you feel more peaceful, relaxed.

It’s not hard to find a farm game on the Google Play or App Store. I’ve introduced you to games like Hay Day, Farm Together. Today, I will introduce you to Farm On!, a product of Cheetah Games publisher. The game will help you complete the dream of owning a farm on your phone.

Dream farm

farm on

Like other farm games, in Farm On! you own a farm for yourself. However, this farm is on the brink of bankruptcy. You have to start rebuilding the farm from the smallest things like planting trees, sowing seeds, watering, etc. When you start, you have only a few small pieces of land and some short-lived crops, not much economic efficiency. So, you have to work hard to expand your farm.

When you go to certain levels, expand the land to build factories, shops. You can also grow perennial fruit trees. The game has many fruit trees, food crops and industrial crops, you can choose what you want.

With the farm products you can harvest, you can sell them. If not, you can process them into foods, attractive dishes and sell them to earn a much larger amount. Each dish needs different ingredients, you can rely on it to grow the plants needed. Work hard to become the richest and most famous farmer in Farm On !.

Not only plant trees, you can grow your farm animals like chickens, cows, buffalos, horses,… Also, Breeding dogs will help protect your farm from players likes to steal. You should feed them on time or they will get sick and die. If you have a lot of money, why not buy a fish pond?

A real farmer

farm on gameplay 1

Every day, wealthy bosses will sign contracts with you. Provide enough agricultural products they require to make a large sum of money. Farm On! allows players to customize their farm. The unique farms, don’t you like it? You can learn how to design other players, or create your own paradise. For every event, such as Christmas or Halloween, let choose the cute holiday decorations.

If you feel sad, don’t worry because the game has nice neighbours who will help you when needed. They will visit and water your trees, kill pests every time you are not online. But not everyone is good. Some people will steal your plants when you are absent. It sounds annoying, but it’s really fun. You can also steal their farm produce. But if they have a dog, you have to be careful.

What about graphics?

farm on graphics

Comes with nice gameplay, graphics of Farm On! quite harmonious and beautiful. The image of the farm is very funny, bright colors. The game allows you to view your farm from many different angles. After a tired day, relax, rest on the farm by yourself. That so great. Moreover, you also enjoy the soft, melodious music.

In general

I’m a farm game lover, so I think this is a very interesting game. If you are busy, the game is fit for you. Just need ten minutes a day is enough for you to build a perfect farm. Are you ready to become a real farmer in Farm On!?

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