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Referring to the farm games, you’ll probably think of Hay Day by the publisher Supercell. This is the best selling farm theme game in the world. I also like farm games because of the gentle gameplay, it makes me relax, not need to stretch the brain as RPG games. After a time of try-hard action games, perhaps we need a relaxing game to keep our minds relaxed.

Farm Together is a brand new farm game in this year. Milkstone Studios released the game. Since the launch of the game, the game has received high ratings from players and professionals. Have you ever imagined you could own a giant farm on your phone? No more imagining, let’s experience Farm Together now.

Ownership of the farm

Farm Together gameplay 2

In this game, you will become a real farmer. You can choose one of two male or female characters to own your farm. At the beginning of the game, you only own a small vineyard, some short-term crops, and some necessary equipment. You will be guided through the tutorial to know some basic operations such as sowing, digging, planting, watering, fertilizing… Tutorial in this game is the easiest I ever know. Harvest on time to maximize the amount of farm produce. Because the game has the same time as real life, so you can harvest in your free time. Waking up after a good sleep and harvest your garden. That sounds good. Right?

Plants & pets

Farm Together gameplay

Similar to other farm games, Farm Together is full of different plants for you to choose for your garden. From food crops such as wheat, corn,… to perennial fruit trees. However, at first, you can only grow some types of food crops. You have to level up to unlock the plants and other interesting features. Then you can expand your farm to your liking. An integral part of the farm is animal husbandry. Apart from caring for your plants, you also have to cultivate a variety of animals to harvest. If you like harvesting eggs, raise a flock of chickens or ducks. If you like cow’s milk, a dairy cow is not a bad idea. In addition, you have to raise some pets such as dogs to protect your farm from the “visit” of other players.

You can unlock hundreds of plot of land and hundreds of different pets. You can even own a fish pond for yourself. Do not forget to upgrade your plants, repositories to maximize productivity. The factories will help you process your farm products into high-value products, make you more money. Farm Together features a shop system. You can sell rare, high-value items in the store for other players to buy.


Farm Together interaction

When connected to the Internet, you can visit the farm of friends. Learn ways to design farms of other players. I very like stealing in farms of other players. When visiting someone else’s farm, if their crops are ripe, do not forget to steal their fruit. However, with their dogs, you must be careful not to lose money to the owner. Farm Together allows players to make friends, chat and interact with other players around the world. You will probably have more interesting friends when you are playing this game.


Farm Together graphics

Farm Together graphics are more beautiful, real than the previous game. With 3D design, everything in the game appears to be livelier, fun and colourful. Scenes in the game can change over time, making you feel like being a real farmer. Besides, in this game, you will control a farmer guy do everything, not simulate as simple as other games. Friendly interface, simple, easy to familiarise. Besides, you will enjoy the light music when experiencing this game.

The game you can’t skip

Although newly released but can say Farm Together is a promising game. There are many interesting activities that you can explore on your own farm. The game can help you temporarily forget the tired, bother in daily life.

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