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Experience the pinnacle of defense art, creating battles that in history. Probably the community of gamers was no stranger to the two games are known as Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners Attack. Although not strange, this game still only supports iOS until now.

Thanks to the pressure from the players, until today players around the world, can experience the game on Android platform. I still remember the day when this new launch, it is floating out that I can not play just because I use an Android phone. Today I can experience it. Still the top battle game with attractive graphics and graphics, this is one of the most addictive games on mobile. Build up a mighty empire and engage in unique battles in the Fieldrunners Attack.


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After the success of the two title games, Fieldrunners Attack brought a breakthrough fun in the game. Not only are there traditional hero battles but additionally, players must completely build their empire. Exploiting resources, building homes, factories and military camps.

Since playing Fieldrunners Attack, I feel like playing the legendary Clash of Clans game from the Supercell publisher. Do not forget to build reliable weapons bases to stop the enemy, attacking nearby enemies. You will have to stop the AI army and other armies, or attacking other online players. Put yourself in real-time battle attractive and bring victory.

Fieldrunners Attack is the perfect match between the Clash of Clans and the earlier versions of the Fieldrunners. You will have to manually control the soldiers and not give up on them as yourself in the Clash of Clans. This creates a special feature that no previous game ever had. You have the power to create your personalized tactics, creating battles that go into history. Fight your way out like Zhuge Liang or Genghis Khan, the siege to obliterate each enemy, prevent the intentions of looting and destroy your kingdom.

Fieldrunners Attack 2

When I first played, I have a feeling Fieldrunners Attack is like Clash of Clans, but the more I play, the more I discover the features of the game, making myself completely caught up in this game. In particular, you can bring troops to attack the neighboring kingdoms ruled by other players. Win, destroy their country and complete the noble titles of the Fieldrunners Attack. Remember, if you attack them, you will gain a lot of resources and valuable items.

Use your in-game resources to upgrade the buildings you build. This will indirectly increase the strength the army you create through them. The more you work, the stronger your army will become and the more invincible you will be. The Fieldrunners Attack system allows players to change the location of the buildings that you can build, creating surprises for the enemy who wants to attack you. There are a variety of military types for you to dominate, from archers, tanks, guards, … and a series of strongholds.

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This game consists of more than 60 challenging missions. There is a fascinating point of Fieldrunners Attack is that you can alliance with friends all over the world, combine the power to create solid fortifications. Help each other in the building, exploiting resources and come together to unify the country. Did I use to be a lot of friends when playing Fieldrunners Attack, and you guys?

Graphics and design

Fieldrunners Attack possesses simple graphics but extremely beautiful, lively and close to the player. Fieldrunners Attack is a fun, addictive, colorful game that is filled with intense tension. The objects in this game have something similar to CoC. But the design style is much nicer.

Fieldrunners Attack 4

Besides, I also like the music in this game. It is light, fun and intermixed. All created a game that could not be better.

My thought

In my opinion, this is the most worthwhile game in the last day of 2017. The game is just right, new and strange to create a great entertainment experience for players. You can download Fieldrunners Attack via the links below. And now, if you read me: Happy New Year!

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