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In the segment of football games on different OS, two competing titles are FIFA from Electronic Arts (USA) and PES by Konami (Japan). Can not claim better game because each game has its own strengths and each one has a different feel for the two games.

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However, in the context of the official franchise falling into the hands of Electronic Arts, this publisher can use the copyrighted images of the teams and players, so you will feel FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ real and closer to reality. But PES is not purchasing the image copyright, so the names of the teams and players have been changed so that there is no copyright problem.

Once a year, EA has improved and upgraded its football game titles and got the name of the game including the year of release, such as FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA 17. The latest version of FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™, also known as FIFA 18, is the number one football game on the mobile platform, noting that the mobile platform, not PC or PS.

FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ is available on all three mobile platforms, Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. It is difficult to understand that on Android, the game called FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ Football, while on iOS it is named FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ Soccer and on Windows 10 Mobile is called Fifa 18 Mobile. This is a problem so I will be called FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™, you note this.

New features

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In terms of play, the latest FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ has not changed much from its predecessors. You will start off with an anonymous team and low index players. You will have to manage and join the matches to make money and buy higher player card numbers.

The game has four modes, Attack Mode, Leagues, Season and Live Events.

In that modes, Attack Mode is a new mode in which you will select any player in the world and your task is to win that match with goals scored on the quest. In this mode, the enemy will not attack and only defensive, you only have to attack continuously until the end of the game is over.

Another good mode is Live Events, which each day will have different missions with the opportunity to earn players with extremely high indexes. In this mode, there will be energy columns corresponding to the turn of the day and you will consume energy per turn and it looks like this is the mode for EA to suck blood when you have to spend money to buy if you do not want to wait for the power column to return.

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League mode is where you can join the league like Champion League, La Liga, Premer League … with the goal of the cup and earn the cards and bonuses to buy players.

Season Mode is a seasonal stone mode.

Features do not change

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The graphics of the game have nothing changed with the FIFA 16 version, the stadium, the celebrations, the sound are not innovative … but in general, with a mobile game, the graphics are enough. There is nothing to blame.

Another point that is not new is the joystick, which is obvious.

Bad features

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One thing I’m not happy about in this new FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ is that the game has dropped a lot of details, such as the comment feature is removed, will only cheers and this makes the player feel not real deposition. The ability to customize the angle of the camera has also been removed, players will have to look fixed angle and cannot do more. The most dissatisfied feature is that EA has lost the player replacement feature, you will not be able to switch players in the middle of the game and keep the selected team at the start of the game.

A mobile game but free to play, pay to win. There is no offline mode to make fun as FIFA 14.


While games on PC or PS are so good and beautiful, mobile gamers are more disadvantaged because there is no real game. This is understandable because it is impossible to compare the hardware of the phone to a computer. However, if you need a game to fire, then FIFA Soccer: FIFA World Cup™ is probably enough to play at times like this, right?

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