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Let’s experience the ultimate fantasy role-playing game Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Responding to the expectations of Final Fantasy fans, Final Fantasy Dimensions II released by Square Enix has officially reached out to the gaming community around the world. Coming to Final Fantasy Dimensions II, players will be transformed into characters in the anime world of the “sunrise” country. Currently, Final Fantasy Dimensions II is supporting devices on both iOS and Android platforms that make it easier for gamers to install and enjoy the game.


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Final Fantasy Dimensions II is a long story about the adventure of the hero Morrow and the girl from the future Aemo. A great disaster by those who plotted to destroy the civilization of wonder and prosperity in ancient times and divided the world into two parts east and west, opening up a war between two clans. A boy named Morrow lives in Navos, a small island in the centre of the world, accidentally hearing the story of a Westman explorer’s journey. Later, Morrow senses something strange from a lonely shooting star, stepping out is a mysterious girl from the future called Aemo. The two of them have traveled the world between the present, the past and the future to fight the bad guys plotting to destroy civilization, saving the people of the two kingdoms from the disaster of war.


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After I played it, it looks like Final Fantasy Dimensions II has a combat system quite similar to the previous game Final Fantasy X. Still, the battles in turn-based battle style have become too familiar with the player. By joining Final Fantasy Dimensions II, you must build a team of three powerful, diverse characters and a character in the supporting position. Final Fantasy Dimensions II has a lot of characters with many different power properties such as Magic, Damage or Skill. After each attack, your character receives an attack and some special attacks. In addition, the character who performs the action will be increased from 20% to 60% in the power bar. The max volume is 3 power bars. You should be familiar with the skills of each character to customize the team to become the headiest, change the skills between characters and make the most power each character you own. Combine your power to defeat the mightiest enemies in the most intense battles.

You can maximize your team’s strength by equipping and upgrading the weapons with phantom rocks featured in Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Fight for the noble items of the game, and you should remember to complete the daily tasks, especially the event tasks to be able to earn the special items.

The mission system is attractive, playing alongside other players

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Final Fantasy Dimensions II develops in a compelling storyline. The 7 most intriguing and many difficult, dangers await you to explore. Adventure timeless from the past, present to the future to rescue the world. In addition to that, the boss hunting system of Final Fantasy Dimensions II also achieved a very high review score with the main bosses, requiring players to be extremely focused.

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In particular, Final Fantasy Dimensions II also allows players to join teams with other people around the world thanks to the Raid feature, two co-conspirators will easily kill, defeat the fearsome monster and bring yourself the equipment of terrible. The huge task system will make you want to play forever to be able to conquer the end of this game.


The graphics of Final Fantasy Dimensions II are still in chibi style that is so familiar to Final Fantasy players. You will feel like being lost in the colorful Anime world, with cute characters but space in the game also brings a strange mystery. In addition to the individual characters of Final Fantasy Dimensions II you will be able to see some Final Fantasy characters from Square Enix.


In my opinion, Final Fantasy Dimensions II is the best playable role-playing game of all the role-playing games I have played, the game does not put much emphasis on graphics, but the plot and character development in the game that’s great. For $ 15, not a small amount to own this game, I feel completely worthy.

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