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Good news for fans of Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Known as one of the most famous action games in the world, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is actually a game you can not leave. The game is currently attracting millions of players around the world with attractive gameplay and many unique game modes. The good news is that this game supports both iOS and Android operating systems, allowing players to download and participate completely free. Enjoy this game instantly by downloading it right to your device.

A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire

It is part of the Final Fantasy series, though the game is a non-fantasy version. This brings something new to the console gaming. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is an Empire-like game. You will immediately recognize the title like Clash of Clans. Step into the game, you have to embark on building a powerful empire, starting from exploiting resources, building the kingdom and start building a good army, ready to participate in the game of kingship with neighbouring countries.

First, you need to choose a character to master the kingdom that you build. A New Empire owns a number of popular Final Fantasy characters such as Gladio, Cindy, Prompto, … and countless new characters that are only available in the game this time. In this game, you are not just a knight directly involved in the vital battle between the angelic world and evil, this time you will act as a real king.

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire 3

Building many different buildings in your kingdom. From homes, factories, warehouses, trainers, … You need to exploit a lot of resources to be able to upgrade your work to help them increase your ability to provide. There are also works that have the ability to defend your kingdom, they are very useful in case you are attacked. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire possesses a variety of soldiers, including infantry, cavalry, gunners, mages, and even monsters. Your task is to create a tactical squad with tactical personality, ready to hit all enemies.


You will be immersed in the wars of extreme power on mobile. Prevent the plunder of monsters in real-time battles. Besides, other players around the world are also willing to loot your kingdom at any time. The most valuable resource in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire that everyone is aiming for is the Crystals, which will greatly improve the power of buildings and troops. Winning each battle will bring you a great deal of crystal. So never lose to anyone in this game.

Building the most powerful alliance

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire 2

In addition, you can also create the most powerful alliance in the world by linking allies with other players. Making friends with each other, helping each other in battles or exchanging resources is what you can do in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.


Final Fantasy XV A New Empire 4

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire‘s graphics do not stand out. Context is still epic, the legend of the game in the form of Empire. However, shaping the character and the environment looks very beautiful to bring endless inspiration for players.

Perhaps Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire does not have the power of graphics, but still brings exciting moments for any player. This game supports both iOS and Android platforms, which are currently free. Also, if you like FFXV games, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is also a game to try.

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