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Fire Rides 2

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Most of the Voodoo game titles are related to the ball. Each game has a different gameplay and graphics. For example, in Dune, players will have to control the ball flying across the line on the screen to score points; Or in Dunk Hit, put the ball into the basket; With Rolly Vortex, the player needs to move the ball through the obstacles in the endless tunnel.

Fire Rides 4

And the coincidence here, Voodoo’s newest game: Fire Rides is also related to the ball. However, the game has changed in terms of both gameplay and graphics. Launched on the Appstore on October 16, 2017, just after two days of appearances, the game climbed to the top 6 in the games rankings with thousands of reviews and comments. What’s new in this game? Please read this experience to understand better.

Gameplay of Fire Rides

Fire Rides

The way Voodoo names their games are simple, short and often depicts gameplay as well. For Fire Rides, this game takes players on the adventures of a fireball. As a player, you will have to control the fireball to move as far as possible. Overcoming the fire rings and magical waterfalls, you will get a bigger score, specifically cross the big circle to get 1 point, cross the small circle to get 2 points and cross the waterfall to get 4 points. Be careful, do not touch the barriers on the way, or you will end your play.

The way of moving this fireball is quite special, imagine how Tarzan swings from tree to tree, our sphere move as well as Tarzan. Touch the screen so that the orb pick up a spot on the wall to grip and grab the momentum of the movement, leaving your hand off the screen to release the wire. The faster you play the ball, the harder it is to challenge. These games will help you train your reflexes. Not only that, there are walls moving, distracting the player.

Chooose¬†sphere’s skin

Fire Rides 2

At certain points, you will unlock the skin function, allowing you to change the different types of fireballs, making your play more fun and exciting.


Fire Rides 3

In terms of graphics, Fire Rides can be said to be a huge improvement over previous games. The game features a 3D background, with beautiful effects and a much more professional design. The effects of fire, circles, and walls bring new experiences.


Advertising, the immense problem of mobile games. This game has a lot of annoying ads, especially when you over the game, a 15-second ad cannot be ignored. This is quite a hassle. Although you can spend $ 3 to completely shut down ads, but Voodoo should still limit the frequency of your ads if you want the game more successful.

Although there are simple graphics, lightweight games, I still encounter the phenomenon of lag when the experience on the iPad Pro. Hopefully, Voodoo will optimize the game to completely fix this situation in the future.


Try playing Fire Rides once, and you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen. The game is simple, but there is something very attractive to any gamer. The game only supports iOS, hope the future will be a version for Android. Here is the download link.

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