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  • Platforms: Android 5.0+ iOS 9.0+
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  • Size: 190.94 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.3.2

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When witnessing John Wick or some character in the movie use guns skillfully, I have the dream of owning a gun for myself. Feeling so cool, as if I was a professional agent. In real life, guns are a dangerous weapon, even if you have a license that can be legally owned in some countries. However, things are not complicated like that when you play Flip The Gun. In this game, you can have dozens of different guns, but the purpose is not to kill people or something violent, simply is entertainment.

Don’t let the gun fall down!

Flip the Gun Simulator Game

In this game, your task is to control the gun on the screen and try to keep it high, don’t let it fall down. Although the subject of the game revolves around the gun, Flip The Gun has no violent elements. You do not need to kill monsters, shoot some bad guys or something. Some parents do not seem to like their children playing violent games, but this game can perfectly meet their needs.

The mechanism of the gun is like a missile. When you pull the trigger, the bullet goes out and inertia, the gun flies in the opposite direction. You can easily get used to this funny gun. You don’t have to worry about the game’s control system. Like Flappy Bird, all you have to do is touch the screen to use the gun.

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Flip the Gun Simulator Game 1

The core is you have to keep the gun on high for as long as possible. But there are some things that you need to know before playing. When the gun out of ammunition, the gun does not automatically load the bullets and you have to eat the green bullet icon on the screen to load the bullets. Your life depends entirely on these bullets. So you need to quickly load the bullets whenever possible.

Flip The Gun is the best and most realistic physics game I have ever known. I have played many games like Helix Jump or Finger Driver, but this game brings a whole new experience. This game is a real challenge with your ingenuity.

Many different guns

Flip the Gun Simulator Game weapons

First, the game will give you a pistol. You can unlock AK rifles for free by connecting to your social network account. The more expensive the guns are, the more bullets they can have and some have special skills. Flip The Gun has 15 guns for you to unlock. You can use the gold coins you collect during playing the game or buy them in cash.


Advertising is a problem when you play this game. However, the game knows how to make the player feel as comfortable as possible when placing the ad quite subtle, not cause discomfort. As soon as you open the game, an ad appears. Some static ads may appear when you perform actions in the main interface, but that does not matter. Every day, advertising can help you earn a diamond to unlock items in the store. If you feel uncomfortable with ads, make sure your device is disconnected from the internet for a smoother game experience.

Graphics and sound

Flip the Gun Simulator Game graphics

The design of the game is quite simple, combined with colorful and bright colors that you can play it for hours without being boring. The guns are like a children’s toy, not a gun like in PUBG Mobile. The sound of Flip The Gun is also very fun, suitable for all ages.


Overall, I enjoyed this game. Realistic physics games though simple but it still has something to attract players. Flip The Gun is a game in which you can show off your excellent gun control skills. The games available below, you can download your device absolutely free.

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