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Yesterday, I reviewed Antihero – a game about the legend thief in the city. And next to the series on the criminal world, today I will introduce to you the game Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld. The person who brought us this exhilarating game is Gameloft. This game has the same style as the previous Gangstar Vegas, which is still famous street gangs. However, this time Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld brings us to the magnificent city New Orleans rather than Las Vegas.

You will be immersed in the crowded city, where criminal gangs work ceaselessly with the ambition to capture the underworld. It’s time to enjoy the action blockbuster action-adventure game Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld.


Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

The game is set in the rich, crowded and modern city called New Orleans. However, here the forces of crime are blatantly raging, robbing people. New Orleans is full of robbers, criminals, and even bad cops. Surely you will think that you will be the man who settles the crime, bring the peace to the city? But not. You are also unknown criminals. Take advantage of the non-stop activity to loot, capture all the gang, the power. Create a powerful criminal force, catch-all must play under your law. Your mission is to make New Orleans the criminal capital of your own. Will you be able to do that?

Interesting gameplay

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld 2

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is a familiar role-playing game. As a criminal, start your journey to conquer this city by stealing a car, holding your weapons and setting out to complete the missions of the game. It sounds difficult, but everything is simple.

This game will give you detailed instructions to help you easily understand the game requirements. Use the small map on the corner of your screen to see where you are and where you need to go. Fight with another gangs and cops you encounter. I advise you to be careful with shooting the police because if you accumulate a lot of stars you will be hunted very harsh. Meet the criminal bosses, dirty people or people who want to help you, take on more dangerous tasks that require you to be a real criminal with a brave heart.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld 3

After each mission, you will unlock more stories, more interesting mystery about the character as well as crime city. And sure enough, you will get a lot of money to buy characters as well as weapons in the game. In addition, the game’s control mechanism is also very intuitive to help you easily do everything you want.

You’ll like

Coming to Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, the funniest thing I saw was the fact that we were free to walk in this magnificent open city. Go to many neighborhoods, from busy shopping centers to slums, even mysterious swamps.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld 5

Swimming across the lake, climbing high buildings will be the unique experience. Honestly, when you play this game you rarely go on a mission that robs the most beautiful supercar and hovering around the city. Being free to explore the colorful city of New Orleans will certainly be fun. In addition, teasing the police guy is equally fun. Teasing them, when they get off the car, robbed the police car to travel.

Diverse characters

The characters in the game are varied. Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld has all sorts of crimes for you to choose from. Actually, it does not “work” because some characters ask you to spend money if you do not want to play for a long time to own. From thieves, thugs and girls, all in Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld. In addition, you can customize character appearance such as clothes, beard, hair, shoes, … to create a unique style.

Weapons and modern equitment

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld 4

The Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld weapons system is wonderful, a range of guns from small to large, from primitive to modern. You can own your favorite weapons through the game’s store system. In particular, you can easily customize, upgrade the weapons make them beautiful and much stronger. A master of crime weapons and explosives, sounds cool too?

In addition, the media in the game also made me really enjoy. The infinite variety of motorcycles, bicycles and supercar series waiting for you “rob”. Owning a Ferrari or Lamborghini to the streets will make you the most fashionable thief. Even to a level, you can drive a car carrying gravestones or a helicopter.

Detailed graphics

In the end, the graphics of the game will be the thing you need. 3A graphics super-fine, super-accurate of Gameloft will reproduce the city of New Orleans in the most authentic way. The scenery in the game also changes over time in detail.

However, I think the game needs to be optimized graphically with low-end devices because many players complain about lag when playing. Plus, the sound is very realistic when you can hear the music in the stores you go through. You will feel like you are in the game.


To say that, in a sense, Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld is like a miniature version of the legendary game GTA 5. Transform yourself into one of the most dangerous criminals in the city, perform great missions and possess state-of-the-art weapons.

Gangstar New Orleans¬†supports both iOS and Android platforms, and it’s really worth the download. You can download origin version from stores or download MOD APK¬†(Unlimited Ammo / No Reload) version below.

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