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For fans of action games may don’t need to introduce, you also know about the sequel to Gangstar series was released by Gameloft called Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. I was impressed with the previous two parts of the game by the action-adventure gameplay in the open world, where the crowded city. In this version, you will visit Rio, one of the most famous cities in Brazil. Follow the infamous criminals to discover the mysteries of the underworld in this game.

Mafia retired

Gangstar Rio City of Saints

The story of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints revolves around the activities of the Assassinos gang. Raul Nascimento, a senior member, decided to retire, away from the underground business to return to a peaceful life with his girlfriend, Ana. But things are not as it should be. The car carrying him and Ana was bombed, then exploded causing Ana to die on the spot. Raul was lucky, but he also lost half of his face.

He was unconscious three months after the explosion. When he wakes up, he is being rescued by a stripper Larissa and asks a cosmetic surgeon to create a new face for Raul. He decides to find out who killed his girlfriend by returning to the organization with a new face and a new name – Angel. Of course, no one realizes Angel is Raul.

Angel was given some important missions, then he discovered that the former Assassinos leader – Andreas had been killed and Marcello was chosen as the new leader. Later, he is also angry that when he realizes that Ana is still alive, she and Marcello have sneaky behind him at all times without his knowledge. It was Ana who killed Andreas and Marcello who had been bombed to kill him. He and Marcello had a fight, and Raul won. Angel was elected as the new leader of Assassinos and vowed to “Get back the damn city”.

Learn how to become a criminal

Gangstar Rio City of Saints vehicles

Starting the game with a few small tasks, you will gradually become one of the elite members of the organization. Just like the previous game, you will become a criminal and do business or secret missions at the bottom of Rio. You can go looting, meet mysterious characters or kill some criminals, corrupt politicians. Use the small map at the corner of the screen to see exactly where you are going. After each mission, characters and mysterious stories are gradually revealed. Definitely will be interesting!

Driving may not be a good idea in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints because of the dense traffic network here, the roads are narrow and winding. Maybe you have to be Toretto Dominic to be able to drive through the obstacles here. You need to learn how to get used to the streets of Rio if you want to survive front the pursuit of police or other criminal gangs.

The game has a tendency to be quite violent because it revolves around murders and threats in the protagonist’s revenge plan, such as having a mission that requires you to kill 20 people to receive the medal with no tolerance and forgiveness. Even so, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a game that simulates the criminal world, so it’s pretty easy to understand.

Upgrade character

You can use the money you earn to buy character dress. Whether you are a criminal or a mafia, you must look cool in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. In addition, the in-game vehicle system is also very diverse with many different vehicles. You can unlock them in the shop, or simply rob them on the street (one of the favorite things in Gangster games). You can even drive a tank or a helicopter.

High-quality graphics

Gangstar Rio City of Saints 1

Gameloft’s publisher never disappoints the player in the graphics quality of their products, perhaps the only exception is that these games often require of high configuration. The graphics are incredibly realistic and detailed, making you feel like you’re in the game. Also, you will enjoy the hip-hop track when passing through the shops or pubs like World Town – M.I.A., Office Boy – Bonde do Role, Lingua de Tamanduá – MV Bill, …

You will like this game

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is an indispensable game with action game lovers. Great improvements in graphics, storyline, and gameplay make the game even better. Currently, the game costs $ 6.99, you can download it via the links below the article.

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