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Do you remember Geometry Dash – a very entertaining game released by Robtop Games? There is a good news, this company has released the free version of this game on the iOS and Android platforms with the new name Geometry Dash SubZero. You can download and experience the challenge in this fun and exciting game.

Geometry Dash SubZero is an exciting, addictive virtual worlds game that combines simple block graphics. The game has a simple gameplay, a simple design and not boring. Believe me, Geometry Dash SubZero will bring you the most fun moments. Enjoy this addictive game by downloading it to your device.


Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash SubZero has the same gameplay as Flappy Bird. Your primary task in this game is controlling the spherical square moving across all the obstacles. Touch the screen to jump or do more depending on the area you are moving. It sounds simple, but not easy at all. By Geometry Dash SubZero there are countless dangerous pitfalls that you must overcome. In particular, you can not freely control the sphere moving because it always moves forward whether you want it or not.

When I played Geometry Dash SubZero, I had a lot of time to “beat the phone” just because of a sudden death situation when playing. That’s right, just one negligence, your game will end immediately. This game will give you a feeling of “annoying” and just want to play one more, play a little more to break the record in the game.

Many levels

Geometry Dash SubZero 2

The challenge of Geometry DashSubZero is arranged according to the stages of play. This game consists of 3 different levels with a lot of achievement badges, items you can collect. Of course, these levels have different difficulty, and there are certain requirements for any player. Pass the final position of each stage to the next stage. Besides, the game does not count the point but counts the time. You survived as long, your record will grow. Demonstrate your excellent reflexes in this exciting game. Increasingly, the speed of the game will increase, requiring faster and faster hands to survive.

Geometry Dash SubZero 4

Jumping across volcanic lakes, avoiding sharp objects along the way, riding on a spacecraft to cross the swamp of monsters, crossing tunnels … is all you have to do in the game. In particular, sometimes a giant skull appears to shoot the laser to destroy you. Do not worry, all you need to do is just dodge the bullets and you can continue the journey. Also, the Geometry Dash SubZero also has a training mode that helps you to practice playing this game. You can show off your record to social networks to tease your friends.

Classic design

Geometry Dash SubZero 3

Geometry Dash SubZero is designed on a classic 2D graphics platform, simple but very beautiful. The color effects of the publisher are impressive. For example, when you let a character move on the wall, it will create colorful walls that constantly change and look funny. Moreover, the rhythm of the game will follow the music of the popular bands MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty.

Final thought

You can unlock the characters of the game. Geometry Dash SubZero has a lot of cool, cute icons for you to choose. Plenty of coins during the game to buy characters in the game. As I feel this is really a difficult game, rhythm and speed are quite fast so the new players could feel quite difficult. However, it is the special charm of this game. Surely you will have a lot of memories when playing this game.

If you have the confidence to overcome the super tough challenges in this game, be ready to download the game and run, jump over your own limits. Geometry Dash SubZero supports both iOS and Android platforms at the moment.

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