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Geostorm is the title of the hottest movie to be released in October by director Dean Devlin and Danny Cannon. This fictional film talks about global climate change, causing catastrophic consequences and affecting the survival of all humanity. To counter this, nations around the world have come together to build a satellite network that acts control clouds and winds in the atmosphere. But they do not know that doing things contrary to nature causes serious consequences, causing a series of natural disasters.

Based on this story, Sticky Studios has developed a puzzle game called Geostorm. If you are a puzzle solver and want to save your humanity from destruction, then Geostorm is the game for you. The game revolves around three members of the Dutch Boy Project, which is responsible for protecting satellite data and transmitting them to the International Space Station.


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The game begins with the great flood that destroyed Dubai, spilling over into the largest buildings, destroying important buildings. Denise Ryan, the CEO of SataCorp, and a key member of the Dutch Boy Project, who was caught in a flooded building and water blocked the entire exit. Your mission is to lead Denise Ryan to move to safe locations in the building and to create his own escape route and to connect with computers that hold important data of organizational before they are destroyed. In the first game, players will be fully instructed with the basic operations of the game. To move, just swipe in the direction you want to move. In some places, the game will require the player to move some objects in the building and destroy some of the doors. This makes the game attractive and expresses the characteristics of the puzzle. Each piece of data collected corresponds to a level. These levels are often limited to the number of moves and require certain things, making the game extremely difficult. After collecting enough data in Dubai, Denise Ryan found a way to the rooftop and was rescued by the rest of the organization.

Puzzle game challenging

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The disasters are getting stronger, many cities around the world are at the same time in distress and at risk of being wiped out. The only chance to save all humanity is to send all data of the Dutch Boy Project to the ISS to resolve the storm. The remaining members of the Dutch Boy Project turn to the rest of the cities to collect enough data from the organization buried after the storm. You will unlock all characters and control them in the journey of saving the world.

The game consists of three chapters and four parts, with increasingly difficult quests. Geostorm will be a hard challenge for any game player. When you reach the end of the game, a new character will be activated and you can be taken to space station ISS and see the earth from that universe.

3D Graphics

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Geostorm’s praiseworthy feature is that the game reproduces the terrible destruction of nature in a realistic way on the basis of 3D graphics. Snowstorms, floods, thunderstorms and super-strong winds will appear in the game as a warning of the near future if humans continue to destroy nature as they are doing. The game has a lot of small details that new players are sure to spend a lot of time researching. I personally feel impressed with how Geostorm painted the desolate of the world’s most modern cities devastated by nature.

Worth playing

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It can be said that Geostorm will consume the player a lot of time because of the difficulty of each challenge and the tremendous amount of challenge in the three chapters of the story. Honestly, do not choose this game to play if not enough patience and time.

In addition, I still encourage most people to play Geostorm, in part to practice puzzle solving, another part to see what will happen if we do not preserve nature. Geostorm is a game of “learning by playing”, in the way that primary teachers are always talking to their students.

The game support both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Sticky Studios has really made a good game. If you want to experience, you can download Geostorm game through the link below, there are both origin and APK Mod Unlock Level version for you.

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