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When I was a child, I often dream of becoming a king, reigning a mighty, vast country. It feels great to have an army of your own. So, I like to play games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale … And after a while searching on Google Play, I found Giants War. This is a brand new game by the publisher GAMEVIL and was developed by SINGTA. If you want to find a game like Clash of Clans, Giants War is definitely not a bad idea.

Becoming a king

Giants War gameplay

In this game, you will become a king. In the beginning, your kingdom is very small, poor. By using some of the available resources, you need to build buildings include plants, blacksmiths, defensive buildings, etc. You can upgrade these buildings with enough gold and resources. It helps them to be more powerful, defensive from monsters or other players. The game allows you to place your buildings anywhere in your kingdom territory. So you can create a design for yourself or maybe refer to other players.

However, Giants War does not focus too much on building and managing the kingdom like Clash of Clans. Instead, the game primarily revolves around fierce battles between warriors and monsters.

Viking warriors

Giants War heroes

Of course, a kingdom can’t be without the army. You can recruit a team of different warriors in this game. They are Viking warriors of special strength, especially they have the courage, not afraid of anything. You can upgrade the strength of the warriors by upgrading the buildings. The heroes system of the game is divided into different classes such as archer, warriors, gladiators, assassins, wizards, … Each class of hero has different strengths and roles in the battle. This depends entirely on your squad layout.

After playing the game, I understand why the game is called Giants War. Your main enemies in this game are the giant monsters in the myths with their power proportional to their size. When your heroes first encounter the Boss, you will have to say “Oh my God!” when seeing the difference between the two sides. However, do not worry too much. Small but your Heroes also have the power can not despise, can fight with anything. Just like what the game says, “big things start with the smallest things.”

Giants War boss

In Giants War, you have a mission along with the warriors you own, to explore new lands, no one has ever come. On these islands, monsters reside everywhere. They are ready to kill anyone who dares to go to their territory. When playing, you will feel like Cristoforo Colombo looking to America.

Nordic mythology

Giants War graphics

Through the above pictures, you can see the great graphics of Giants War. The game has High-quality 3D graphics and Viking graphics styles, however, the characters are very cute, fun. Live colors, combined with background music is very exciting, bringing the player a perfect experience.

Giants War, great game

Overall, although it is a tactical game, I feel Giants War does not have many tactical elements. This helps you not to have to think too much. Instead, the game is fun and attractive, making you want to play more. Are you ready to build your own kingdom? Download Giants War to your phone via the links below:

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