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When playing Girls’ Frontline, you will be lost in a world where all around you are beautiful girls. If you are a lonely guy (like me), maybe this game will bring you a lot of fun. Girls’ Frontline is a popular SLG game in Korea and China. The game has been released for quite some time, but players have to wait until now to be able to experience the global version. You can download the game at the link below the article, but before that, read the review to find out some interesting things about this game.

The future world

Girls Frontline story

The first thing to mention when it comes to this game is the storyline because the plot of this game is of particular interest to the publisher, developed in great detail and depth. It makes the game more attractive, stimulating players to explore.

Girls’ Frontline is set in the year 2030 when science and technology developed. Humans have had their first contact with the technology when they began testing this modern technology, which allowed humans to explore unidentified living things. However, some people are not careful to leak this liquid, causing serious consequences. The whole world of radioactive contamination, big cities are destroyed, forest fires happen everywhere. Food is scarce, the conflicts that led to World War III broke out. Humans are on the brink of extinction.

The world is not completely out of hope. Fortunately, some scientists have created T-Dolls robots. Looking by eyes, you can’t find the difference between T-Dolls and humans, not only that, they are pretty. Humans are jealous, fighting for life and harm each other, but the girls are not, they have pure souls. Join with these girls, fight the bad guys to protect the world. You are the last hope of humanity, can you complete the mission?

Card system

Girls Frontline characters

The content of this game will revolve around the battle of robot girls. They are managed by cards, you can unlock and upgrade their skills so they become stronger. Cards are divided into many levels, the higher the rank, the greater the power. Interesting thing you should know: the names of these girls are named from the weapons like M4A1 or AWM, which sounds violent but opposite, they are pretty and cute.

Strategic gameplay

Girls Frontline gameplay 1

Girls’ Frontline has a great tactical gameplay. In order to fight, you need to assemble a squad of T-Dolls. Prepare the strongest team to fight all enemies. You can explore a lot of strategic by learn other players’ tactics or learn from your failures.

You don’t have to do complicated tasks, just prepare the strongest team and sit down to enjoy the battle. Do not forget, your enemies are robots with destructive power, if not careful you can lose at any time. I am very impressed with the gameplay of the game. Real-time battles with a fast pace, creative integration with storyline will make you hard to leave your phone.

Anime style graphics

Girls Frontline graphics 1

The graphics of the game are extremely prominent with the girls are designed extremely beautiful and charming. If you are a Japanese anime lover, you will definitely love it. Moreover, the characters are voiced by many famous actors, singers such as Yui Horie, Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu. When you hear the voices of the girls, you will fall in love.

Why do I love Girls’ Frontline?

If you are a fan of SLG or Anime, you can not skip this game. Are you ready to defend the world in Girls’ Frontline?

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