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As you look at the name of the game, you may think of Game of Thrones: Conquest, but you are wrong (although the two games have quite similar gameplay). Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest is a new tactical game in 2018 of the publisher Hour Games. After playing this game, you will not be able to think of anything else because it is so attractive and there are many things to explore.

Build and defend your kingdom

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest gameplay

In Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest, you will be the king who rules a vast kingdom. Actually, your kingdom is not very large at first. From a small tribe, you have to build your kingdom from the beginning and make it one of the strongest kingdoms in the world in the future. Initially, you are poor, your resources are very limited. You must quickly build the building, attract more people to live and work. The building can be upgraded with the corresponding resources to become more useful, giving more value to you. However, this will take a long time, if you want to finish it immediately, you can use diamonds.

Extend territory and exploit resources, use it to create weapons or food for the kingdom. Of course, the development of your kingdom will be a threat to your neighboring kingdoms. Therefore, you need a strong enough army to defend your kingdom against any danger. You can choose between coalition, making friends with other kingdoms to build cooperative relationships or create a war. Everything is in your hands. Make the right decision to become the most talented king in Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest.

After winning the war, the territory of the kingdom will be greatly expanded. From there, you can exploit more resources around in the mountains or the thousands-years forest. In the magical world of the game, your enemies are not just other kingdoms but they can be monsters and demons. If they were to cross the wall, the whole kingdom would fall. Use the bravest warriors, fight to the last to protect your kingdom.

The battle of the tactical masters

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest mode

You can show off your great strategic talent in this game. The army is divided into many types such as gladiators, gunners, mages, tanks, etc. Each team formation opens up a completely new tactic. I think you should arrange fighters first, then to the magicians or gunners so that they can both deal damage and avoid the attack of the enemy. You can even summon meteor shower from the sky to the enemy. This is a magical world, everything can happen.

Two modes, little but quality

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest heroes

Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest has two main modes for your choose including PvP and PvE. In PvE mode, you will be exploring large lands falling into the battle of life and death when the bloodthirsty monsters and enemies are threatening you every day. Complete the missions of the game, you will receive a lot of gifts and precious resources (including diamonds).

A tactical master can not lack competitor. Bring your army into real-time PvP battles, where many other great players are waiting for you. They also have unique tactics, you can learn from them or use your tactics to defeat them. Win all the battle and climb the highest ranking in the game’s rankings.

Nice design

Glory of Thrones War of Conquest graphics

The graphics of Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest has not many outstanding points from other tactical games, but the game still deserves to be praised for its fun graphics, simulating everything unique. The harmonious design of the game will help you play a long time without feeling boring. Not only that, the sound of the trumpet, the sword on the battlefield makes you feel like directly involved in the battle.

Why do I like this game?

With all of these factors, we can expect Glory of Thrones: War of Conquest is a great strategic game this year. You can fight against millions of other players at any time. I think that in the future, the publisher Hour Games need to improve the game more so that the game does not gradually lose points compared to the game of the same genre.

Currently, the game only supports the Android platform.

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