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Are you looking for a unique MMORPG action game you’ve never seen before? Are you starting to feel bored with the action games on the market? Let us introduce you to the game Grow Stone Online. This is the game of the publisher SuperCat game, released for players on both Android and iOS platforms, incorporating multi-language support. Featuring simple graphics combining action-packed, Grow Stone Online deserves to be one of the coolest 2D action games in 2018.

Simple 2D graphics

Grow Stone Online

Why do I say the graphics of Grow Stone Online simply? Because this game is based on a pixel scale. We can relate to games such as Fishy Bits 2. But do not hurry to look down. Despite the simple graphics, Grow Stone Online still possesses the full features and the most attractive modes of the typical MMORPG. In particular, the game has special weather effects with each passing character land. In addition, the skill effects, actions and sound system are hard to spot what can be deconstructed. Simple, but very detailed and complete. This is one of the factors that make the game extremely unique and exciting to players. Also, when playing this game, I also feel like playing the legendary game in the old days.

Familiar gameplay

Grow Stone Online 2

As I mentioned above, Grow Stone Online has a familiar role-playing gameplay. Entering the game you will be immersed in a knight on the way looking for the precious material hidden in the rocks. In particular, your weapon will not be a sword, spear or a bow but a stone. You will use the stones to attack the enemy to death. As far as I know, the game of choosing stone as the main weapon by stone is the first weapon that humans possess. Character control mechanism in the game is also quite simple. You just control the character up, down, left, right and a button to attack.

Grow Stone Online 4

At the first level, the damage you do is quite modest. So you should concentrate on the quest to exploit the stones. They will bring you materials to upgrade the power and system of the game. The combination of different stones will create different materials, thereby diversifying your strength. There are many stone formulas in Grow Stone Online that you must spend a lot of time to master. Along the way, you will have to clash with a lot of monsters with all sorts of different forms and different powers. Based on your level to calculate the ability you can destroy them or not, avoid the case of getting a wrongful death. If you die do not worry, after 10 seconds you will be resurrected in the original position and continue the adventure journey in the world Grow Stone Online.

Multiple gameplay modes

Grow Stone Online 3

In addition to the story mode, Grow Stone Online also has many interesting game modes, including PvP, Tower of the challenge, Battle Field, Catch Flying Fishes, Hunt Monsters, etc. save, join the guild to make friends, let go hunt boss. More specifically, you can marry other players in Grow Stone Online. You may find half of your life in this game. In addition, Grow Stone Online supports the player to automatically hit even if you do not open the game. After each login, the feeling of receiving a pile of equipment and materials is interesting.

In general, Grow Stone Online is a fun, easy-to-play game. You just touch the screen to perform interesting functions. Next to it is a series of familiar equipment that is waiting for you to explore. Currently, the game supports both Android and iOS platforms, which you can download via the links below.

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