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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.3+ iOS 6.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 66M
  • Latest Version: 2.988


Growtopia is a game built on ideas that allow players to create a botanical world and customize it for you and anyone. As life becomes more modern, the earth becomes more cramped so the publisher Ubisoft has helped players to live a new life on a planet a lot of trees created by the players themselves. That is an idea, but do not know if the game really provides a playground useful for players or not?

The design is not good


Objectively, games are not designed well. The interface of the game is pretty rough, it seems the publisher is trying to stuff too much on the screen so I feel like it is a collection of lifeless, not many marks really stand out. The classic style of the game reminds me of old games. If you ask for a good graphics game, then Growtopia may not be up to your expectations, but it can still be upgraded and improved in the future.

How to play

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In this game you will use the arrow keys to control your avatar and perform interesting tasks like planting trees, collecting gems by touching the screen. You will be guided the basic operations for the new player when first playing this game. Start by trying to buy five seed packages in the store and grow it, you have become a member of Growtopia community. Seeds need time to grow, some in a couple of seconds, a few minutes or it can be spent all day, depending on the quality of it.

Not only plant trees, you can collect precious stones and create a lot of different things by combining them. You can create everything in this game, as long as you have enough materials needed. Devil Wings, Angel Wings, and Dragon Hand are the rarest in the game, you must be a lucky person to own them. There is a simple way to get rich in Growtopia, buy gems (or use gems that you have), break them, get seeds, use seeds to plant new plants and then harvest, then continue to repeat the process. Soon, you will have a great asset. You can buy seeds in virtual currency in the game or use cash. Seeing ads will also help you make a lot of money.

It is quite interesting that players can “steal”, harvest player’s plants when they are not online, or they are still online but you are quicker. These harvesting battles make the game extremely interesting. You can fight with them by choosing actions such as punching, kick, … to win, protect your results. Also, the game also has many interesting minigames for you to explore.

Interact with other players

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The game really stands out with the community of millions of people. Because this is an online game, focused on the interaction between players, you can talk, tease and make friends with anyone in the game. Maybe you will have a lot of interesting friends after playing this game, together build a better world in Growtopia.

Some disadvantages

Growtopia 2

The interaction between the players is very fun, but also unavoidable the negative. Not all players are happy and play the game in a peaceful, entertaining way. I have met a lot of players lack culture, swearing and doing a quite toxic behavior, causing aversion and discomfort for other players. There are even people who think that they are better than others and that they have the right to do everything. This makes the game quite chaotic and violent. However, if you play the game towards the entertainment, this also does not affect much. The game also has many penalties for players who affect the community, so you can be assured.


I rate this game around 7.5/10. Although not yet really perfect, Growtopia is still a good game, worth to try once. The huge number of players around the world is a testament to the appeal of this game. The game supports both Android and iOS operating systems, you can download via the links below.

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