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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 18M
  • Latest Version: 2.2.97


Do you love the speed supercar, the growl of the engine or the sound of the wheels on the road? GTR Speed Rivals is the game that will meet all your requirements. The game possesses high-quality graphics, combined with a simple, novel gameplay that retains the classic look of a racing game. If you are looking for a high-speed racing game, maybe you should look for another game because GTR Speed Rivals that focuses on driving skills.

Talent makes a difference

GTR Speed Rivals gameplay

Spectacular performances, Drift or Donuts skill will make a difference to this game. There is no straight racetrack, and you do not need to speed up to compete with the other players. Your only goal is to break your own score record. So, whether your opponent is Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton, it doesn’t matter in this game.

The game is similar to another game I have played was Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. GTR Speed Rivals’s control system is simple. With just four virtual keys that you can master with just two fingers, you can do whatever skills you want. The car in the game automatically moves forward. You can use the two virtual keys on the left to control the car turn left and turn right. Two virtual keys on the right are gas pedal and brake. Simple but not so. Only hard players who do dangerous skills can get the highest score. Besides, you need a bit of reckless and luck. Do not hesitate to start practising right now to be the best driver.

Drift to win

Once you’ve mastered the controls and some basic techniques, start the road to conquer challenging. GTR Speed Rivals has three extremely attractive modes for you to choose. First, you can go through five chapters of Career mode, starting from Newbie to Champion. Each chapter will be more difficult. Drift, perform dangerous techniques to earn as many points as possible. In addition, you can set your own records in Single Player mode, then show off to your friends by sharing on social networks.

Can not forget Multiplayer mode. This is where you and other players compete in technology, speed. Defeat all to become the most worthy champion.

25 famous race car brands

GTR Speed Rivals cars

GTR Speed Rivals allows you to expand your garage with 25 famous car brands such as BMW i8, Porsche, Ferrari, and more. Use the car you like best and show off your rage on every racetrack. Also, after completing the tasks and overcome the challenges, you can upgrade the details of your cars such as wheels, engines, … to create the most powerful car.

Perfect graphics

GTR Speed Rivals graphics

The graphics of GTR Speed Rivals are not inferior to other racing games on the market. The cars are designed in detail, real and lively. Resolution up to 1080p gives you the best graphics experience. You can’t distinguish between cars in games with real-life cars. If your device is low-end, don’t worry. This game supports full, allowing you to customize graphics from low to high.

Why should you play GTR Speed Rivals?

Because the game is so perfect, real each detail, so the size of GTR Speed Rivals is quite heavy. It is not too difficult to understand. However, in my opinion, this is an attractive game, help you entertain, relax very good. You can experience now by downloading GTR Speed Rivals to your device via the links below:

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