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Besides the action role-playing games, tactical action games are also popular among gamers. If you are looking for something new, try the game that I introduced to you right here called Guns of Glory. This is a game released by DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING, which supports both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, Guns of Glory also supports a variety of languages. A choice not to miss with the followers of the tactical action game. Are you ready to participate in one of the most heroic battles on mobile?


Guns of Glory apk

Step into the world of Guns of Glory, you will be the king who rules a vast kingdom. In order to possess supreme power, you must obtain the Crown of Destiny. Of course, the growth of your kingdom is a threat to your neighbours. They will not let you easily develop the kingdom. Here, numerous historical wars erupted. The strongest will be the worthy man in charge of the entire Crown of Destiny.

Strategic gameplay

As soon as you start, start building a kingdom for yourself. First, build the buildings for economic development, science and technology with the mighty army. In order to maintain the army and the people of the kingdom, it is impossible to neglect food. It is a core issue for you to develop your kingdom. Also, to upgrade buildings as well as the army, you have to own resources such as wood, gold, … Participation in the battle also brings a lot of resources for you. Like Game of Thrones Conquest, Guns of Glory gives you the freedom to create your own buildings, so create a kingdom with your own unique style.

Guns of Glory gameplay

The mighty army is also important for you to show off your strength in this game. In addition, Guns of Glory is a highly tactical game. The good team layout will help you defeat all enemies. Guns of Glory owns the most powerful army of your choice. Archers to increase the ranged, cavalry headed the battle and many other healers. Upgrading your buildings will also help you upgrade your military power.

Multiple gameplay modes

Guns of Glory apk 2

Not only against other players, you have to face many fierce monsters in this game. Destroying them will open up many interesting things in the Guns of Glory world. The game has two main modes of play: PvP and combat based missions. Tasks are also a huge resource for you to conquer. Plow the quest every day to win the noble titles in Guns of Glory.

In PvP mode, you will be fighting with many other players from all over the world. Let them taste defeat by the power of your kingdom. In addition, Guns of Glory still has a lot of missions and other modes awaiting your exploration.


Guns of Glory weapons

Guns of Glory has sharp 3D graphics combined with extremely vivid sound. That makes the battle more fierce, more majestic. The castle, the city appears extremely beautiful and beautiful, true. You will be immersed in the beautiful kingdom as in fairy tales while playing this game.


Overall, Guns of Glory is pretty fun to play with eye-catching graphics. Let’s the game take you to the top of the battle and full of intrigue. Currently, the game supports Android and iOS platforms, you can download it completely free (Please note that the game may contain some in-app items and ads).

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