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If you’re starting to feel bored with the top FPS games on the market, whether it’s Destiny Warfare, Overkill Strike, or Free Fire, it’s time to get your hands on a game called Gunship Strike 3D. No more fighting on the battlefield, this time the game we introduce will bring you to the battle in the air. Yes, in Gunship Strike 3D, you will control a most modern combat helicopter. The publisher Candy Mobile has been very successful in developing games on the Android platform. I’m sure this is the most realistic aerial combat game on mobile. Download Gunship Strike 3D now and enjoy this unique game.

Plot brings war

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Step into Gunship Strike 3D, you will be immersed in the most realistic, vivid war atmosphere. Participate in battles from the air, naval to marines. You are one of the leading Air Force helicopters. Using the most powerful helicopters, destroy the enemy base that the radar detects. The enemy is stationed everywhere. Only destroying them will open the path of life, leading to victory in this battle. Can you complete the mission?

The play-offs gameplay

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Your main mission in the game is controlling the helicopter, bombarding enemy units to pass through the screen. Use the familiar virtual key system to control your helicopter. On the left you are the button to move, the right are two types of ammunition for you to choose to bombard the enemy. It’s just simple, but to win this game is not easy at all because the strength of the enemy firepower is very strong, they easily blow your helicopter at any time. In the upper left corner of your screen will have radar map. It will help you a lot in determining the direction and coordinates of enemies you need to kill on the map.

Gunship Strike 3D will take you to every battlefield like a mountain, navy, air force to the desert. At the base, you must destroy all enemy soldiers, tanks, and military buildings. Shoot down all enemy airplanes and naval boats at sea. All will bring you the most unexpected experience. The enemy is also equipped with missiles, ammunition or heat-seeking torpedoes, which require you to recognize them when attacking to avoid them. If you let the plane run out of blood, you will die and the mission fails completely. When firing a shot at an enemy, you will gain a combo. Destroying enemies in a combo will help you earn some huge gold. I advise you to spend firepower to destroy one by one, bring a lot of resources for you. Use the gold you earn to buy as well as upgrade your helicopter.

Interesting open space

While playing this game, I love flying around in the air, exploring the world in Gunship Strike 3D. Because the game is an open space design game, you can go wherever you want, but beware of the enemy’s bombs. Also, the performance of flying techniques, hovering by the helicopter is also very interesting. I feel like a top pilot. The flying bombs in stormy weather also bring unexpected experiences.

Equipped modern, intensive

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Gunship Strike 3D’s helicopter system is very diversified and specialized. You can upgrade all parts of the aircraft, such as the rotor, tail, head, body of the aircraft, and a host of other accessories. Unlock, upgrade the most modern equipment, raise the maximum number of stars to create the helicopter battle. The upgrades will help the aircraft fly faster, withstand better as well as greatly increase the damage potential. Not only that, but you can also equip additional weapons such as missiles, machine guns … to diversify your weapons. Another special feature, the Gunship Strike 3D allows the player to decorate the exterior of the helicopter. You can optionally create unique helicopters that are unique to you in this game.

Real graphics, lively

Gunship Strike 3D

One point that makes this game really impressive is that the 3D graphics are sharp, lively and real to every detail. I can see every wave in the sea, breeze through the trees, … The shape of the military equipment is also very authentic, bringing the best experience to the player. Sound also contributes to this authenticity when you can feel the whistling sound or gunfire when flying in the sky. Surely this is the most realistic shooter game I’ve ever played.


Overall, Gunship Strike 3D is good enough to be a high-speed action game. An engaging shooter game, top-notch graphics platform and fun features turn this game into one of the best mobile games with over 50 million installs on Google Play. And of course, it supports both iOS and Android platforms, be ready to download this cool game on the device.

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