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HammerMan: Get over this is the unique adventure game on mobile in the past even if it is just a clone game. With addictive humor in a beautiful 2D graphics, the game offers players an experience that is not found in other titles. Dive into the colorful adventures of the Hammer guy. Completely free to download and install, enjoy this game.


Bạn đã từng nghĩ rằng cuộc sống không có chân sẽ khó khăn khi bạn không thể cử động bình thường? Tôi ngưỡng mộ những người không may có một khuyết tật trong cơ thể vẫn có thể tham gia Thế vận hội cho người tàn tật hoặc làm vô số những điều tuyệt vời khác.

HammerMan Get over this

And our Hammer guy is one of them. Although he does not own his feet, he does not use wheelchairs like the others, but his primary means of transport is a hammer. It sounds ridiculous, but the truth is that. Although defective, Hammer Man owns strong hands, which makes him walk easily with a hammer in his hand. Not only that, he can climb, swing, jump again.


Mission in the game is very simple. You are transformed into the Hammer guy. His biggest dream is to conquer the highest mountains in the world. His journey is full of thorns and dangerous that ordinary people do not dare to conquer. However, his will is very big. Take the hammer on his shoulders, conquer the highest peaks, enter his new Guinness record.

Come to HammerMan: Get over this, you use the virtual key on the right of the screen to control the hammer. The physical motion mechanism makes you feel like you are climbing. You turn left, hammer to the left, you turn to the right, hammer to the right. Rotate the navigation keys continuously, your character also rotates continuously. Use your hammer, hook the obstacles to help the guy. I feel very frustrated and uncomfortable playing because I can not move as usual, but perhaps that is what makes the appeal of this game.

HammerMan Get over this 2

To play this game, climb as high as possible to conquer the highest record of the game. Do not stop until you reach the climax of victory. The game just ends when you fall down, be careful in the distance you pass. Complete dozens of levels and hundreds of exciting challenges that the game brings to you. I feel like playing Flappy Birds, but this game is much more attractive because of the fun and moderate difficulty.

Control mechanism

I highly appreciate the intuitive controls of the game. You can imagine how to move like a paddle, using a hammer to move forward. The most interesting thing to play is that I can control Hammer Man. You will surely not be able to hold on to laughter.

HammerMan Get over this 3


As I said, although it’s just a clone game, HammerMan’s graphics still pretty impressive. Characters design with obstacles extremely beautiful, fun and close. Every rock, mountain, house, or even helicopter is simulated very realistic, interacting well with players. The simple audio system helps you focus more on the game, bringing endless entertainment moments.


While Getting Over It is a paid game and not supported for Android, you can experience another game by downloading and playing HammerMan: Get over this as the best alternative for the time being (if you not concerned about the issue of genuine goods – counterfeit goods.)

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