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After playing WWE Mayhem for a long time, I was looking for a similar game on Google Play. Great, I found Head Boxing. This is a fun boxing game on mobile. And This is the third game in the D & D Dream publisher’s sports games list, with Head Soccer and Head Basketball. Although there are simple graphics, this game is not simple. I played it and liked it completely because the game is fun and easily addictive.

Top boxing matches

Head Boxing gameplay

When looking at the name, anyone can guess the main content of this game. Yes, the whole game revolves around top boxing matches. In here, the glory is only for the strongest boxer. You have to fight constantly, knock down all opponents. Your goal is boxing championship. In this sport, being punched nosebleeds, break the head is not uncommon. Do not be afraid. Get up and continue fighting. Do you want to be Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali in this game?

The control mechanism of Head Boxing is relatively simple. You just have to press the two keys left, right in the left corner of your screen to control the character moves. The two virtual keys on the right side of the screen help you strike and block enemy attacks. In particular, when you hit the enemies, you will receive energy. When energy is full, the right side of your screen will appear a special skill key. This is a great skill to cause much damage, which can knock out enemies.

In this game, your skills, reflexes, and judgment are the most important. You can create a lot of unique combos when combining different keys properly. I am very impressed with how the martial artist launched a special attack, looks very strong. However, you need to do it correctly if not, the opponent can avoid your skills, so you will be knocked down in a flash.


Head Boxing mode

Head Boxing’s modes including arcade, Champion, Survival, Death Match, and real-time PvP. Each time you win the championship, you will receive the noble metal of the game. There are hundreds of different medals corresponding to the titles you play. In particular, this game is very suitable when you play with friends. You can invite your best friend, lover, brother, co-worker … to fight in Head Boxing. It will be fun.

When enough money, you can unlock more characters in this game. Each character has different looks and special skills such as boxers, hooligans, old men and even beautiful girls. When you win a lot with different characters, you get special titles. Besides, Head Boxing’s items and pet systems are also very good, waiting for you to discover.

Fun graphics

Head Boxing avatars

Sure, the graphics of Head Boxing are not comparable to other games on the market. 2D graphics of the game is relatively simple. However, that does not mean it’s bad. I was impressed with the action effect in the battles. I feel this is not only the boxing match but also this is the battle in the movie Avenger. Thunderstorm effects, fire, earthquakes are very interesting. But most importantly, when you knock out the opponent. At that time, the image of broken bones looked very humorous. The background music of the game will not make you feel disappointed.

Should you play Head Boxing?

Of course. Head Boxing is a very interesting game and also full of potential. The game will take you to the most fierce battles in boxing. If you love violence sports, Head Boxing is the game you can’t skip.

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