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Gamevil is a game company based in Korea. This company is famous for its 3D role-playing games built on the extremely beautiful Unreal Engine platform. With products such as Kritika, Dragon Blaze, ZENONIA … Gamevil transforms itself into one of the most prominent global game publishers. After a long time, at the moment time, Gamevil has launched several new products in late 2017, and Heir of Light is one of the company’s six outstanding game titles.

Although only in the test phase, Heir of Light has been mentioned a lot, causing the press to spend a lot of ink to talk about it. If you want to experience this extreme game title of Gamevil you should read this article and be ready to experience one of the most outstanding RPGs by the end of 2017, early 2018.

Lore and Plot

Heir of Light lore
The game plot is like a slow movie

Heir of Light tells the story of a long battle between Darkness and Light. The world of chaos, people, and creatures in the world misery, hunger. At this point, the player will become a hero; is chosen to be the heir of light; Take charge of the gods of Light and fight the dark forces.

You will experience quite a long introduction to this game, but not so much. In turn, a well-told story will help you or any other player to better understand the plot in the game and bring in a better RPG experience instead of just fighting as many RPGs other are doing.


After entering the game, you will have to select 4 characters from the 5 available character classes and fight with Enoch to learn the basic moves and learn how to fight in the game. The first character that you will experience in the game is an archer and looks like very similar to Yorn in AoW.

This game is like RPG, but you can use multiple masters at the same time as Honkai Impact 3 but in a completely different context, besides being a team-based element and a tactical element.

Heir of Light combat
You will have battles like this

A team has of up to 4 masters that you can choose from the master system of the game; You can summon more new masters during gameplay. Each master has its own attributes and skill sets and has its own role in the team.

Rest assured that you will be guided to each one of the game features when participating in Heir of Light . You can level up, upgrade and equip items for each master in your team, giving you the strength to win each battle.

Your journey consists of several chapters, each of which will be a dramatic battle through the plot of the game. You will discover the story all the way through an open world map in the game.

Heir of Light world map
You can explore the world through the map


Heir of Light graphics
Graphics are one of the strengths of the game

Besides, the graphic element also makes Heir of Light attractive and promising. You will see this game is like a story told in beautiful 3D scenes, like a real epic film. The platform used is the latest Unreal Engine, which allows Heir of Light to achieve beautiful images while still ensuring the size of the game.

You will experience beautiful visuals and magical skill effects when witnessing your masters fighting enemies. Especially the camera angle can change continuously, so you can experience the screen from different angles.

You will not believe it. When the graphics of this game are combined with epic sound backgrounds, it becomes even better than ever. I think it’s an interactive movie, not just a game.

Final thought

I could only experience Heir of Light in about an hour and could not have had too much of it. I’m impressed with the graphics and context as well as the gameplay of the game – what I consider to be the soul of a game and determine its ability to succeed.

Heir of Light now supports both iOS and Android platforms. You can download Heir of Light APK or install from Play Store if using Android; Or download Heir of Light IPA or install from the App Store if using iOS. The links is available below.

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