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Christmas and Valentine are approaching. With an FA-guy like me, maybe every day is the same. But today, the game that I bring to you is a fascinating game called How to Get a Girl in 33 Days. A game of communication with the most beautiful girls from Japan. This is a great game for young people, who are looking for love. If you are alone, this is definitely the game for you.

If you already have a lover? The more you have to play this game because it helps you understand the psychology of girls, help you warm up your love. The publisher Day7 is psychological to bring us this great game. Since its launch, millions of downloads have been made worldwide. How to Get a Girl in 33 Days supports both iOS and Android platforms. Can you conquer the girls of your dreams in this game?

What is “How to Get a Girl in 33 Days”?

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Do you feel weak in dating with women or do not feel confident in front of people you like? Then How to Get a Girl in 33 Days will help you. As far as I know, young people in Japan are very hard-working. However, they are too busy and focused on their work. So, it seems that many men do not know how to conquer their dream girl. To be handsome, talented but until graduation, go to work they still fail in love. Responding to that aspiration, the publisher Day7 decided to bring we this game. The game helps the men of Japan, as well as the whole world, understand the psychology of women.

Pretty girls

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It’s a simulation game, however, how “How to Get a Girl in 33 Days” approach and interact with players is quite different from other simulation games like Dream Town Story, Home Street or Animal Crossing Pocket Camp do.

Enter into “How to Get a Girl in 33 Days“, you will be playing as a handsome guy who studies in a school full of beautiful girls. There are some girls that you want to match. You are allowed to choose one of the 4 sexy dreamgirls. Your primary task in the game is to catch one of the four girls:

  • Mia Lynwood: 17-year-old girl with 1m60 high. This is a classmate with your guy in the game. New environments, new classrooms, and new friends make you feel awkward. This smart guy has helped you a lot in the integration. A love affair with mysterious classmates. It’s also romantic.
  • Crystal Frost: a 17-year-old girl, same grade with you with a height of 1m63. Crystal is really the school’s flower. Her beauty, physique, height and academic style are outstanding. In How to Get a Girl in 33 Days, try your luck with your masculine look.
  • Hailey Jewells: A 17-year-old girl near your home. A mysterious girl, cold and hard to close. However, according to the main character in the game, this is a warm-hearted girl. Break the ice and melt her heart.
  • Lucy Appleville: This is your crush from the small. She studied under you 1 course. Can you steal her heart?

Cute gameplay

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In How to Get a Girl in 33 Days, you will chat with the girl you choose. Make conversations that make her feel good about you by choosing one of three possible answers. During the game, if you make her happy you will accumulate some money. Gradually, use that money to invite the girl of your dreams to go out.

Some of the most popular dating sites that the game offers you are the Pet Cafe, Baseball Stadium, Dessert Buffet, … Confidently show your masculinity as well as your other people’s interest in conquering her. However, I have a little disappointed that gameplay is not a useful mode. Everything revolves around communicating, chatting with the girls. Looking forward to the release of updates to some game modes in the upcoming version to avoid boring.

Graphics & Sound

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How to Get a Girl in 33 Days has beautiful graphics with the characters are beautiful, designed based on 2D graphics. The girls are voiced very cute and easy to hear. How to Get a Girl in 33 Days also help me practice listening, reading English very well. This is really a fun game that is extremely useful, helping you learn while playing.


If you want to find a cute game, maybe How to Get a Girl in 33 Days is the game that you are looking for. Download this game now and try to flirt with these girls? Game support for both iOS and Android platform.

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