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Surely most of us have known the game I Am Archer and the game I Am Wizard extremely interesting that XIJI Game released a short time ago. But success does not stop there; the company continues to produce and launch a new game called I Am Warrior, a role-playing game in the horizontal style is quite interesting. Although this game is new, it has shown itself to be something worthwhile to experience. While other publishers are racing to develop 3D games on the mobile, XIJI Game has chosen its own way, precisely the launch of I Am Warrior with the 2D version but equally interesting, so 1Phut immediately review it to you.

About I Am Warrior

I Am Warrior

I Am Warrior is a pretty cute game with an ancient style. In this game, you in the role of a Warrior is to destroy the enemy’s stone sculpture, you have to tactically manipulate the hero to find a way to break the enemy base and win. Simple and easy-to-use move-and-move operations. As an offline game, anywhere you can immerse yourself in the moments that I Am Warrior brings. Is this game more successful than its predecessor?

When you join the Warrior, you will transform into a warrior with the task of destroying soldiers and tanks full of fire. Gameplay is quite simple just control the character moves left, right and use the skills to kill the enemy. Toward the pillar is the stone sculpture and break it to win. Will not be sad to have to fight alone with the great power that has his teammates support. Calling your army needs to be filled with warriors so they can help you in this tense battle.

Will be easy to win?

I Am Warrior 2

The base of the enemy is not easy to reach with many different levels of difficulty. Are you an experienced warrior? I Am Warrior is a place where you can assert yourself as a brave soldier who can defeat the enemy forces. You will receive gold and some diamonds after each battle, used to buy items needed for your journey.


I Am Warrior 3

It is not designed as a 3D game, but I Am Warrior is still interesting for anyone. Strategies and skills are designed to be scientific and easy to use. The map in I Am Warrior is divided into many beach areas, deserts, or extremely dangerous mountains. Detailed, as well as arrows and shields, are designed quite enthusiastically. Also, depending on the different maps have different designs to avoid the boredom while playing the game, bringing players the new experience is very new.

Is I Am Warrior worth playing?

I Am Warrior 4

I Am Warrior is very interesting and very playable. Overall, XIJI Game has made quite a good progress in the field of mobile game production, bringing significant success. I Am Warrior is easy to play; players can play games anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone running Android or iOS.

The role-playing game is not new (before the Shadow Warrior) but also without loss of entertainment. I Am Warrior brings it. Still, the battle is full of tension, attractive in both gameplay and graphics. There have been many successful developers in the field of this type of RPG. But I Am Warrior is well worth the experience.

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