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If you are interested in discovering new things around you, it’s likely that games related to the universe and aliens will be especially appealing to your eyes. And Iron Marines is such a game, where there are battles against aliens waiting for you. It’s the product of Ironhide Game Studio, the developer famous for the legendary strategy game Kingdom Rush.

Science fiction story

iron marines plot

Based on the real-time strategy, the Iron Marines will take you to distant planets in the vast universe, beautiful but hidden in danger. A human space base is attacked by strange creatures on the mysterious planet X, many researchers and important data are at risk of being disturbed, and the only chance to rescue the entire base is sends the Iron Marines off to Planet X. As a Space Soldier, you have the skills and intelligence you need, armed with state-of-the-art weapons to lead every warrior. Fight off strange creatures, preserve the life of your team and your base, hoping to free them from the planet.

Strategy gameplay

Iron Marines gameplay

Iron Marines‘ gameplay is based on heroes and armed robots with different abilities to achieve the common goal of protecting a safe base. Strange alien creatures will try attacking the base, wreaking waves of waves and you will have to try to destroy them before they eat the entire base. Your task is to control the army, the most modern defense towers, shot bullets, lasers and missiles towards the enemy.

The creatures you encounter will not be introduced to their abilities, so it will be difficult for you to meet them and you will not know what you are going to face with the nasty things. There are many different types of aliens, which makes the game rich and exciting as well as challenging you from the first level.

Of course, you will have quite a variety of weapons and defense towers as well as different specialties such as bombers, snipers, laser soldiers … Upgrading and using the proper way is completely dependent on you. It is interesting to note that all buildings and soldiers have the ability to heal when without being attacked, so try not to let the creatures attack.


Iron Marines

Iron Marines have relatively simple controls that are suitable for mobile phones. The player just touches the heroes or pulls them to the desired position, at which point your troops will move to their desired location (note they will ignore enemies along the way). Your troops and buildings will automatically attack if they detect alien creatures within range until you move them. The simplicity is reflected in the upgrading of the building, just by touching the desired structure.


iron marines weapons

Currency in the game allows you to buy items that support the soldiers and structures of your choice. Money can also be used to buy one-time weapons and power-ups to increase power. Even though this is a paid game, you still have to spend more money to buy items through IAP, though you can still earn some money by watching commercials or solving specific tasks, this problem is not so big.


Iron Marines 4

While other strategy games often choose their own 3D graphics, the Iron Marines continue to be designed on the admirable art style inherited from Kingdom Rush. This is probably understandable because the game is designed for players ages 9 and older.

A game worth the money

Unfortunately, the Iron Marines are not an easy game to play, just win. That’s because the game limits the number of troops units pretty low, you can find it by looking at the top left corner of the screen. This will make you think about the real tactics if you want to win.

Once you have played the Iron Marines, I am sure you will spend a lot of time with this game, the way it stimulates your brain and your hands to work at the same time are miraculous. Rarely has a strategy game do that.

As mentioned above, Iron Marines is a paid game on both iOS and Android, so you will have to spend about $ 4.99 if you want to play this game. However, Android users still have the opportunity to experience free of charge using mod version below this article.

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