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Recently, the NetEase publisher has been steadily rolling out new products. Looking at them, no one thought they were entangled in one of the most famous mobile gaming lawsuits around copyright. Recently, PUBG Corporation filed a complaint with 155 pages, listing pirated games with PUBG Mobile. Two of these are Rules Of Survivals and Knives Out, two of NetEase’s famous survival games. In the meantime, NetEase continues to bring us a new game called Island Strikers, a new survival game. Let’s find out some interesting thing about this game.

MOBA survival gameplay

Island strikers gameplay

I’m not kidding. Island Strikers is a survival game, like PUBG Mobile but with a bit of MOBA. The first difference, before begin, you have to choose a character of the game. Each character possesses three skills, not just regular shooting game. You can design your hair, clothes, glasses, shoes, … for the character you choose. The game’s control system is quite similar to the mobile MOBA games. Basically, there are virtual keys that help you move, shoot guns, perform skills, jump, change bullets, …

Plus, the top-down view lets you look at the map in the most comprehensive way possible. This is often seen in MOBA games such as League of Legends. You can easily observe, develop skills more accurately rather than just focus on shooting as the conventional survival game.

In this game, you will accompany with 99 other players. All players parachuted from the same plane, down a large island, without humans. Your task is simple, kill all the other players. The last survivor on the island is the winner.

Over time, the game’s safety circle is narrowing. This forced the player to move into the crowded areas, creating clashes rather than sit still to wait for the game to end.

Weapons system

Of course. First, every player has the same start. As soon as you touch the ground, you need to quickly collect equipment that is scattered throughout the buildings. They can be weapons, armour, hats, clothes or other necessities. Island Strikers has a system of different weapons, divided into several levels, up to level 3. In addition to weapons such as machine guns and melee, you can also use the weapons of science fiction like electric guns, laser. Also, you can design pitfalls for stranded opponents, causing them to take on death.

A big map

Island Strikers gameplay 1

Island Strikers‘s map system is very diverse. Each match, you experience a different map. This makes the game very tactically diverse. Each match, you must have a smart tactic to survive and win. Because of other players as well as you. They have the ability to manipulate and move their own, creating surprise raids. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you to discover in Island Strikers!

Great graphics

Island Strikers graphics

Talking about graphics, it can be said Island Strikers’s graphics are not inferior to any game on the market. The game graphics based on 2.5D platform, simulate everything quite honest, lively. Top-down view lets you easily move, loot or hide where you can still see around. The blind spot in the game is almost nonexistent. You should experience the game in high-end and wide-screen devices to enjoy the game perfectly. You can reduce the graphics quality if your device is configured poorly to help the game run smoother.

Why I love Island Strikers?

Overall, Island Strikers is a new survival game. I really love it. The publisher NetEase is very creative when it comes to combining a survival game with MOBA. You can experience the game by downloading Island Strikers on your device via the links below:

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