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Jumanji was the name of a children’s book that was first published in 1981, and a few years later, Jumanji was adapted into a movie and gained a lot of success. If you are a guy in the 9x generation, you have known how famous this book is. Jumanji has been transformed into an epic movie in 2017. Up until now, Jumanji has continued to be converted into a mobile game, with its unique and exciting board gameplay.

Jumanji: The Mobile Game by Idiocracy Games developed and released by NHN Entertainment. The game brings players into the exciting adventure in the world Jumanji with the theme was built from the famous movie of the same name. But instead of transform into the characters, the player will be competing with other players.

Collect all Jumanji cards

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After joining Jumanji: The Mobile Game, you will be given a character in the story (Dr. Bravestone, Prof. Oberon, Ruby Roundhouse, or Moose Finbar), begin their journey with unique cards. Try to collect all the Jumanji in the game. Depending on the character of your choice, you will own different skills and privileges. In the game, build and design your own deck to bring into each battle. Each Skill Card allows you to create dozens of new tactics and defeats your opponents. There are over 40 different cards with thousands of combination ways, upgrades for you to choose wisely.


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The battle in the game takes place in the form of confrontation 1vs1. Players will need to roll the dice to move around the chessboard of the game and build the house on it. These real estate projects will help you collect gold coins in each turn and you can upgrade them with support cards. Your rivals will try to build real estate and destroy your buildings, so you must do the same for them. The game ends when one side goes bankrupt or occupies the entire estate of the other party, or owns 3 successive buildings.

The battles take place most fast, and there is almost no room for mistakes. You will need to use your intelligence and speed to defeat other players. You will have to learn to use different types of cards, avoid traps on the board, and by upgrading the cards, you will improve your chances of passing the dangerous world in Jumanji. And this game is not just healthy competition; It also allows you to visit the farms of other players and steal their gold.

Play with friends

You are not alone in Jumanji: The Mobile Game, there are clans where you can join and maintain the connection with your friends and build it up powerful. Share cards and tactics with everyone as well as track rankings to see who is the best.


Jumanji: The Mobile Game is designed with a unique animated graphics, featuring individual character traits. The gameplay mechanics work in a turn-based fashion, and the player rolls the dice to determine the number of moves and uses the feature cards to trigger certain actions against the opponent. Also, the game also allows players to collect the cards after each game, each card has its own specialties, and you can also choose the card to be compatible with the play style your own.


Jumanji: The Mobile Game is currently undergoing a soft-launch phase in Thailand and Canada, for both Android and iOS platforms. Readers who want to experience the game before the official release can access the address below, but you will need to convert your Apple ID account to the corresponding area, or if you are an Android user, download the APK file to install in your phone.

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