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Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve 4

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We too familiar with the games where hundreds of shooters shot each other on an island after a fly accident. Survival in this times is a trend. Funny, but according to myself, the PUBG like-style game titles are too much to lead to the consequences are boring and makes the player no longer feel excited and new when playing.

Also in the survival category, today, I would like to introduce to you another game that is still familiar survival game, but the way of survival is completely new. It’s Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve, a survival game developed by Evolve GameFirst Mobile.


Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve 4

After a plane crash, you are drifting down an incredible island. Bring the player back to prehistoric times, where the ground is dominated by dinosaurs, where hunger and dangerous. Death can come at any time, requires you to fight to protect your life against the dinosaurs, deadly poisonous plants, and even the carnivorous underwater. There will be no modern weapons such as guns, knives or protective clothing, you can only collect materials from the natural world yourself and make rudimentary weapons to fight. There are many dangerous stalkers you cannot foresee, Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve will give you a fantastic experience.

The game of survival, collecting resources

Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve

Now that you have entered the game, you can move freely to anywhere on the island. You can run, swim and dive. You are completely free to interact with the elements of the environment, collect whatever you see and build defensive structures anywhere. Imagine this island as your throne.

During the migration, remember to collect resources. Resources are something very important at the start of this game, just like any survival game. You can collect them from trees, dinosaurs, rocks, etc. With these resources, you can use resources to build all the tools, armor, weapons, and other items. There is a diary in the game menu, where you can find all the information about what can be created.

Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve 2

Pay special attention to the dinosaur caves, where you will probably find rare resources. But these are extremely dangerous, you should be careful if you intend to enter.

Dangers always exist

You can go anywhere, but you should not move at will. There are many dangerous animals on this island. Not only large predatory dinosaurs but also tigers, leopards, elephants … they are ready to attack and destroy you at any time. If you do not want to be their prey, move wisely, at least until you have the weapon to be able to fight like a true warrior. If you do not want to kill, you can tame the dinosaurs and train them to use them as a warrior against the giant, the wildlife.


Jurassic Survival Island ARK 2 Evolve 3

I feel very excited about this game, it put me in a new world that I only know through movies. Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve is also a new way to explore the prehistoric world of nature, as the information in the book is so dry and rigid. This game is designed on the basis of advanced 3D graphics, bringing the most realistic movement from the animals, the wind blowing to the gestures of the player.

Another good point is that you have the option to play in the first view like FPS or 3rd view depending on your preference.


Overall, I see Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve has a fairly straightforward gameplay, interesting storyline, and beautiful graphics. If you are a fan of survival, you can spend some time playing the game. Game support for Android and iOS, you can download game Jurassic Survival Island: ARK 2 Evolve for free.

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