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Ever since you are a kid, have you ever dreamed of becoming a member of the task force, using modern weapons to hunt down bad guys for peace? Then let us help you complete the dream through the extremely attractive game called JYDGE. This is one of the best games released by 10tons recently. Come to JYDGE, you will be engaged in a series of challenging and extremely choking missions in the criminal world. Download JYDGE now to experience the best action game 2018 at any time, anywhere you want.

It is an action role-playing game, but JYDGE’s play style is not like any shooter-themed game that you have played through. Not focusing on the suffocating gun battles like Overkill Strike or Destiny Warfare, JYDGE is more about adventure, exploration and puzzle. You have to constantly brainstorm to solve the problems that the game gives you rather than simply firing a gun. Here, the most common hostages and common tasks are the most important. The fact that you kill more or fewer enemies does not affect the outcome of the game.


Yes, coming to JYDGE you will be playing a longtime police agent. Your task in the game is to break into buildings where villains are gathering to save hostages or to prevent them from rob the bank. The game will offer a series of difficult tasks for you to conquer. Each task completed corresponds to the fact that you discover more interesting things hidden in this game. The cases are coming to a dead end, can you help the police break these cases?


The bad guys are armed with relatively modern weapons to protect them from the forces that prevent them. But do not worry, because you are also equipped with the most modern weapons to make it easier to complete the task. Machine guns, electric guns or flamethrowers, all of which you can own when playing JYDGE.

In JYDGE, just one bullet hit can also send you down to hell. You have to calculate the time to rush into the room and destroy all those who keep the room if you do not want him to destroy you first. You are also a pioneer, leading your teammates burst into the crates of criminals. This requires you to be a far more tactical visionary to set up the most feasible plans.


In addition, JYDGE also has a myriad of mechanical traps that enemies have set up to ambush you. If you play, you will probably explode or shock when bursting into the room without a guard. It takes a few games so you can get acquainted, beware of everything in this game. In addition, you can also eat blood or armour to protect yourself from the dangers at a certain time.

The most interesting thing about JYDGE is that you are allowed to explore the magnificent cities at night. JYDGE allows you to be completely free to move anywhere you want. Busy streets, crowded commercial areas or wealthy banks all need be protected.

JYDGE owns beautiful 3D graphics. The context of the game is designed very cool, promising to bring you a very best action game. Creating objects or looking homes is also very interesting. However, there is a point deduction that I feel quite uncomfortable when playing JYDGE. Since the scene is dark at night, sometimes it is quite difficult to observe, which often leads to situations trapped by enemies. Anyway, this does not really affect a great game.


For $ 4.99, you will experience this exciting game. Are you ready to destroy all enemies?

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