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The Killbox Arena Combat cover

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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 200 MB


The Killbox: Arena Combat is a shooter game full of attractive gameplay elements, beautiful graphics and a large community. The Killbox: Arena Combat brings you an all-new experience that’s just right for any shooter enthusiast. Currently, this game has support for both iOS and Android platforms around the world.

Originally released by UGAMEHOME TECHNOLOGY (China), this game, although released about a year ago, has always been a notable name. What are the special things in this game? Let’s explore it below.

Interesting gameplay

The Killbox Arena Combat gameplay

First off, when you join the game, you will see The Killbox: Arena Combat not so much difference, still the FPS shooter style. You will be immersed in battles with your teammates in real time. Why do I say this game has interesting gameplay.

The unique and worth mentioning point is that this game brings the feeling of fighting like the legendary Crossfire game. This game is built so that players can experience through VR comfortably. It looks like The Killbox: Arena Combat is a favourite FPS game in the mobile market in the UK, Canada or France, with a relatively large number of players.

Weapon system is diverse

The Killbox Arena Combat weapons

The Killbox: Arena Combat brings you the ultimate weaponry system, in addition to the regular guns, you also can collect the most advanced weapons with great looks. Of course, every weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, stick with some of your favourite weapons and upgrade your power to be able to master them.

A ton of game modes

The Killbox Arena Combat game modes

This is an incredible game. Owning more than 30 different game modes, The Killbox: Arena Combat still brings the player to a fierce battle scene with 6vs6 live battles. Multiplayer game with base maps. Various maps are available, such as Random Maps, Blood Strike, Container Ship, and War Zombies … quite familiar to those who have played CFs on PCs. Starting with two hands, you need to pick up the most advanced weapons and quickly fight the enemy to win life for yourself and your teammates.

Control mechanism

The control mechanism in The Killbox: Arena Combat is relatively difficult to learn. Nor can we expect more control of the controls on a limited touchscreen. Move and attack with virtual keys designed for touch screen. The basic functions in the shooter are also integrated such as zoom control, multi-dimensional movement, but also you can jump, sit, hide the weapons … These are features that were previously only In PC titles; there’s a rare version of mobile that shows this. The sound system in The Killbox: Arena Combat is also highly appreciated. Even the small details are designed meticulously like the sound of bullets, footsteps.

Beautiful graphics

The Killbox Arena Combat graphics

Not only the shooter games on the PC, but the current mobile shooting games are also beautifully designed. Built on a gorgeous 3D graphics platform for mobile, every detail in the game is designed eye-catching and meticulous with the standard and most realistic. The character is beautifully designed along with lively maps; everything is meticulously polished. The shooting effect, the smoke is no different than the actual simulation. In summary, the graphics of The Killbox: Arena Combat will not disappoint you when it comes to it.

Is The Killbox: Arena Combat worth playing?

If you like the new shooter experience, download The Killbox: Arena Combat. Overall, this is the ultimate FPS shooter game for mobile devices with extremely beautiful graphics, a variety of both style and gameplay, sound investment is thorough. Do not miss this one, let’s try this mobile shooter.

Currently, The Killbox: Arena Combat is available for both Android and iOS, please download via the links below.

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  • The Killbox: Arena Combat for Android XAPK v2.14
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