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Kirara Fantasia (きららファンタジア Kirara Fantajia) is a fantasy role-playing game developed by Dremcom and Meteorise, and released by Houbunsha on both Android and iOS platforms. This game brings all the manga characters from Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara to the platforms, with special characters specifically designed for the game. This game was first released in Japan on 11/12/2017.


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Kirara Fantasia tells the story of the world of Etowalia, which is ruled by Goddess Sora, who inhabits the temples floating in the sky, a powerful possessor. There, everyone has a warm and happy life. One day, Goddess Sora was sealed by the dark forces in the ancient temple.

A brave man stood in the midst of a crisis, trying to hide in the temple and find a way to save the goddess. Along the way, the hero encounters Kirara, a powerful magical girl who can use the legendary magic to summon a summon. And Kirara agreed to help in the journey to win world peace, the adventure is now just beginning.


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In this game, you will be transformed into a magical power user, able to summon the summon with his own magic. There is a main story in the game, you will have to complete the missions throughout the story. Kirara Fantasia builds a rather detailed mission system, so players have to read them carefully to find out how to complete them.

Fight mechanism in this game is quite simple, you just choose an enemy and choose the type of attack. There are 3 types of attacks to choose from, and the game has a time period for you to plan your attacks. Once the “Totteoki” bar is full, you can use the skills to attack.

As an RPG, Kirara Fantasia features character development. You need to pay attention to the character’s stats, equipped with powerful weapons, level up to increase the battle force. When you need to build weapons, equipment, and furniture to decorate your character’s room, you can go to the shop in the game.

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In particular, in Kirara Fantasia, there is a house where you can live there, buy furniture, decorate the room for characters when not fighting.

Diverse character system

Characters in Kirara Fantasia are called summons, summons can be summoned by collecting cards through the gauntlets. There are many summons in the game, including some prominent summons such as KIRARA, Hidamari, Yuyuki, Kinro Mosaic. Each character in the game is beautifully designed, is voided and has its own power.


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Still the familiar anime style that is characteristic of Japanese games, Kirara Fantasia is designed on a bright and beautiful 2D graphics platform. The battle in the game takes place in the horizontal screen, the layout of the keys quite scientific and easy for players.


If you do not know whether Kirara Fantasia is attractive or not, I would like to share a little information. Prior to the launch, Kirara Fantasia had previously reserved a subscription and the number of players enrolled in the game was over 700,000 on Google Play.

The game supports both iOS and Android platforms, from now on you can download games to the device to experience. The game is only available in Japan, to play games from other countries, you need to change your Apple ID to Japan or download the APK file and install it directly.

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