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Playerunknown Battlegrounds is an extremely popular PC shooter game. This game allows players to engage in a battle between 100 people, fight with and try to become the last surviving player. It can be said that Playerunknown Battlegrounds have had enormous influence in the gaming community, so players from all over the world to try to find a way to play the Playerunknown Battlegrounds.

The good news for mobile game enthusiasts is that Last Battleground: Mech is a mobile survival game that looks quite similar to Playerunknown Battlegrounds, which is released by Elex to solve the thirst for PUBG Mobile. The game also has good graphics, a large map and features indispensable in a survival game. Here are the experiences and feelings of me when playing.

PUBG Mobile

Last Battleground Survival

Basically, Last Battleground: Mech is a miniature version of PUBG, where you will be joined in the battle for survival with other players from around the world. Each battle in Last Battleground: Mech supports up to 32 players in a large map. For a mobile game, this number is quite a lot compared to other PUBG Mobile games.

Last Battleground Survival 2

When entering the survival war, you will start parachuting from an airplane down, landing on an island. Your mission is to move, search for weapons, items, and ammo around you so that you can use it to destroy other players and survive. These items are often scattered randomly in the surrounding buildings. But be careful when you step in because most likely other players are holding the gun, just waiting for you enter, they will kill you..

Last Battleground Survival 3

According to personal evaluation, the items in the game system is quite diverse with a variety of different. Shotguns, rifles, shotguns, grenades, and ammunition. Armor, helmets, healing items will all appear. Depending on the field, you should choose the appropriate weapon for yourself instead of using miscellaneous that less effective. Some people are good at one shot – one kill, while others are skilled at using shotguns.

Last Battleground Survival 4

Last Battleground: Mech is not just another game, it is a real-life battle. In the game there are red areas on the map, over time, these circles expand and form certain exploding areas, while the safe areas are gradually shrinking and players will have to move to these safe areas. As you move, you should move low, along the walls and make use of grass bushes and obstacles to hide. When there are opportunities, move very fast, and should be lowered to prevent them from being shot if you encounter an enemy attack.

Last Battleground Survival 5


The graphics of this game reminds me a lot about PUBG, with character systems, homes, and surrounding scenery up to 90%, although it has been changed to fit the mobile environment. You can track the entire map through a mini-map above the corner of your screen. Below is a virtual keypad that controls movement, attack, jump, reload the bullet … The controls in the game are quite basic and do not make it difficult even for the first time players.


The first experience of the name Last Battleground: Mech for me is that the game works pretty smoothly on mid-range phones. There are no lag issues connected with many players around the world.

In general, Last Battleground: Mech brings a lot of emotions to a mobile game that has the same gameplay as PUBG. In addition to Solo like PUBG, the game is also developing two new game modes. Currently, the game is still in beta and very limited. You can experience this game through the link below.

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