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For a long time, the survival games set in zombie catastrophe were not new to the gaming community, but it is still an endless source of inspiration for publishers to develop their products. Recently, publisher of Glu Games Inc has brought to the game players a title game of killing zombies with a unique character called Last Day Alive. The game is predicted to be one of the formidable opponents of previous titles such as WarZ: Law of Survival or Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO. While the content seems familiar to the player, Last Day Alive still owns the unique features that you can not miss.

Putting humanity into a desolate world

Last Day Alive

Last Day Alive brings players to the modern human world. In front of your eyes is a world desolate, overcast with no sign of life. Why so? Sure enough, humanity is facing a global pandemic of zombies that is threatening the survival of this civilization. The pandemic is spreading vigorously, wiping out all the living things that go through it. As one of the lucky ones who still survive, find the minimum ingredients for you to survive. In addition, there are still lucky people like you. Focus them together to fight the near death. In this game, the limit of human beings is always pushed to the highest limit. The most important thing for you is to live, to exist at all costs. Can you survive in this harsh world?

Despite the same plot and content as other popular zombie theme games, however, Last Day Alive’s gameplay is slightly different. The game does not focus on survival moments such as Last Day On Earth or WarZ: Law of Survival. As I see Last Day Alive seems more like Dead Rivals – Zombies MMO. In this game, your main task is to use weapons and destroy all zombies dare to block the way. Featuring the style of a third-person shooter game, Last Day Alive will take you to the most intense battlefields of survival.

Last Day Alive 2

Complete all the missions in Last Day Alive that will allow you to open up more chapters in the storyline. You will experience the full range of tasks that a zombie pandemic usually does, such as destroying all zombies in the area, saving survivors or moving to military bases. Collecting weapons along the way will increase your firepower to blow away all the zombies that are approaching you. Do not forget about the gas or explosives on the map, shooting at them will help you kill a whole bunch of zombies in just a moment.

When playing, you should notice the appearance to distinguish the zombie type. Not all they are like, some zombies are able to run fast, jump high or especially detonate, this you have to pay attention if you do not want to lose the network. It is the zombies that have created a special level of difficulty for each level of play that requires you to be a talented gunsmith to destroy all these deadly corpses. At the end of the game, they will spill out all the way, do not shoot your hands. Scary, but fortunately you will not alone in this game. The people you rescue will accompany you in the fight against zombies. Anyway, people are more fun?

You will be possessed of various weapons

Last Day Alive apk

The weapon system in the game is very diverse, a series of machine guns, rifles or heavy shotguns are available in the shop of Last Day Alive. Completing each level of the game will give you some money, using this amount to unlock the entire arsenal of the game. Also, when fighting you can also pick up the money pretty well.


Last Day Alive owns a virtual keyboard system that is simple enough for you to familiarize yourself with the in-game actions. Basic operations such as moving, throwing, loading, melee, or grenade launches are extremely flexible. You will experience a series of famous places on Last Day Alive. From the station, the street, the supermarket or the busy shopping.

However, one thing that I feel quite disappointed in Last Day Alive is supporting the player to automatically move. You do not have to direct the character to move freely to the place you want, but to move according to the direction of the game. This has partly made the game experience for the player less complete. I like to explore the beautiful environment in the game, but Last Day Alive does not allow that, so what is interesting.

Impressive graphics

I’m really impressed with the graphics of Last Day Alive. Developed in high-quality 3D graphics, every scene in the game appears incredibly true and detailed. Especially the creation of flood zombies, look at them rushed that you feel like yourself in the game. The effects of fire or explosion are also relatively vivid simulation publisher, creating the best experience. The scene is dark, overcast like horror films. In addition, the zombie sound effects or vocals will definitely make you fear.

Come on, are you ready to download this exciting game yet? Last Day Alive supports both iOS and Android platforms.

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