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Have you seen the animated film Law of Creation? Law of Creation is an RPG action game that takes content from the anime series of the same name, in Japanese style. The game was developed by Tianti Interactive Entertainment and released by Bilibli Game. After the trial release in China, finally, we also enjoy the action game extremely attractive this.

Attempt to stick to the original

Law of Creation

Besides to popular Japanese animated films that have been adapted into games such as Sword Art Online, Kamen Rider … Law of Creation is the next name to have a plot and content that closely follows the animated film. If you love this anime, then surely you will like Law of Creation because the game retains all the details of content, character compared to the original version. You will be immersed in the modern world, with a young, fun, educational background. Law of Creation is the story of a male student. He is separated from other students because of an Infectious Diseases. After that time, he happened to clash with the female character of the film. Since then, he has held the mission to save the world, while trying to conquer this beautiful girl. Many funny jokes happened.

Special card system

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Entering the game, the beautiful girl Pandora will guide you. You can customize your outfit to match your style. She will be your companion throughout the game experience. Law of Creation possesses a turn-based action-oriented action game. With turn-based fighting games, it’s impossible not to mention the special card system.

Each team consists of up to 5 cards corresponding to 5 characters of the game. You will see many of the favourite characters of the anime Law of Creation. Besides, the game also has a random card draw system so you can unlock new cards. Sort your team with your style will directly affect your tactics. The game has all sorts of power attributes to choose from. In particular, Law of Creation also has a special character class, taking on the role of support. This character class has the ability to buff HP, strengthening streng the whole team. Therefore, you should have a support position in the squad to take advantage of the enemy.

Law of Creation apk

Besides, Law of Creation also has a lot of features for you to increase the strength of the team as stars upgrade, level upgrade, equipment enhancement, skills upgrade … The character is divided into three levels familiar for card games like R, SR, SSR. When you upgrade your card to the highest level, the cards will have very nice visual effects.

Attractive modes

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In addition to the main battle mode of the story, the Law of Creation is still a lot of other modes for you to explore. If you love intense battles, join the real-time PvP mode. This is where the heroes around the world challenge each other to become the strongest.

PvE mode will be where you team up with other players to conquer the strongest Boss in the game. This mode brings in a great amount of equipment and characters that you can not miss. Law of Creation also supports the player so even if your low level, you still can to hunt Boss.

Japanese style

Law of Creation has a cute Japanese-style 2D graphics, bright colours. The characters are handsome, beautiful, but when in the battle they have Chibi style very fun and humorous. The characters are voiced close to the original version so that you will feel very happy about the game. Especially, looking at the female characters are very sexy, looking to want to fall in love immediately. So the game is very suitable for single male gamers (like me).


This is a unique and innovative card strategy game. Although there are many features not really attractive, Law of Creation is still a game not to miss with the fans of the strategy game. You can now experience this game by downloading the Android or iOS APK version via the links below.

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