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Legacy of Atlantis is a fascinating MMORPG game on mobile. The game was released by VALOFE and Ndoors – a subsidiary of NEXON. They had a very famous game in 2004 called GoonZu Online. Legacy of Atlantis has gone through a long journey as it constantly changes, upgrading features. As far as I know, the game officially opened on March 15. VALOFE will be responsible for the system for this game. You can download games on both iOS and Android for free.

The battle between warriors and monsters

Atlantis is a beautiful, rich kingdom. However, the dark forces are rising, bringing with them many cruel monsters, destroying the civilization of Atlantis. The kingdom is at risk of being destroyed. You are a hero of this world. Take up the sword, join the deadly journey to save hope for Atlantis. Can you complete your mission? The answer is only in Legacy of Atlantis.


Legacy of Atlantis gameplay

Overall, Legacy of Atlantis‘s gameplay does not have much of a difference with similar games on the market. The game revolves around non-stop battles between warriors and monsters, the basic activities of players such as gathering heroes, looking for equipment, dungeon, duty … However, you will find many surprises when playing this game. If you’ve played titles like Tales of Gaia, then you can master this game easily.

A special feature of this game is that you can control many different heroes in the same battle. In each stage, pick the most suitable hero, helping you easier to deal with different types of monsters.

Legacy of Atlantis has nine characters. Each character has five different skills. For example, Dorothy has a skill that creates tornadoes, attacking nearby enemies. The game has a pretty interesting feature. No matter what character you use, you will be given one of the five weapons of the game including Greatsword, Ax, Spear, Longbow and Staff. Therefore, the choice of character is not related to the weapon. This makes your choice more diverse.


Legacy of Atlantis modes

In addition to the story mode, the game has two main modes for you are PvP and PvE.

PvE mode is called Dragon’s Nest. Here, you are joined with five other online players to defeat the Boss in the dungeon. After defeating them, you get a lot of items from the game, helping you upgrade equipment for the character. Moreover, you will discover the secrets of the Atlantis Kingdom when joining this mode.

If you like challenging other players, Hero War (PvP) mode is for you. The system will give you the other player has the same power with you. Remember, your skills and concentration are the most important thing to help you win every enemy.

Besides, Legacy of Atlantis also has many interesting activities such as Guild, chat, friends, exchange items, … The social activities of the game contribute to bringing players closer together. You can get a lot of interesting friends after playing this game.


Legacy of Atlantis graphic

Legacy of Atlantis owns 3D graphics very nice and perfect. In particular, the skill effects of the characters are great. The game’s scenery is developed in a classic style, featuring many warriors and legendary monsters. You will not think this is a mobile game when you experience this game.

In general

At launch, Legacy of Atlantis is expected to “bring a whole new MMORPG concept, different from other games on the market”. Currently, the game is still receiving very positive feedback from the players. You can download the gameĀ Legacy of Atlantis on your device via the links below:

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  • Legacy of Atlantis for Android APK 1.0.30 61.8 MB
  • Legacy of Atlantis for Android APK (MOD god mode, boosted dmg) 1.0.30 66 MB
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