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Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Tyrande Continent was a land of peace. Everybody is rich, living together happily. However, the peace of the land does not last long when one day, Evil Dragon has broken ancient hidden imprint, back to the ambition to dominate the land. He went with the monster legion from the gates of hell, destroying everything and everyone he encounters on the way. Many warriors sacrificed themselves against the mighty power of the monster legions. Fortunately, hope is not over yet. The gods did not abandon Tyrande Continent, they gave strength and special creatures for warriors fought to defend the land. Thanks to the gods, the Tyrande Continent has once again regained its inherent peace. A thousand years later, Evil Dragon awakens and brings darkness back. Another battle begins…

Above is a very interesting story of Legend of Brave, new ARPG of the publisher Morefun. RPG games are always accompanied by fascinating stories, which will allow players to search for mysteries or engage in fierce battles. If you play many ARPG games, you will be familiar with this. Storylines often revolve around clans, battles between warriors and monsters, or angels and demons … Whatever they are, they also give the game more depth and fun( I think so).

Fight to become the king

Legend of Brave characters

When you first play, you will be led by the story to gradually explore the entire land of Tyrande Continent. The first thing any RPG player does is to choose the character. Legend of Brave has three main classes: Warrior, Mage, and Gunner. Each character class has different skills and strengths. For example, the Warrior, a melee, possesses a large sword, a shield and armor. Warriors have the power, the all-round ability, to break into the middle of an enemy siege and fight for a long time. If you like the Gunner, you have to keep the distance with the enemy because the Gunner has long range and agility, but has a weak resistance, which is easy to be kill when enemies attack. Finally, the Mage, the hero capable of summoning powerful skills.

Each hero has four abilities, including three normal skills and one ultimate skill. At the start, you have two skills available. A skill will be unlocked at level 2 and you can unlock the ultimate skill at level 8. Combining skills will help you create combos with massive damage, destroying enemies. Do not forget to upgrade the equipment to make the hero stronger. If you do not like the outfits available, you can choose the outfit for your hero. Cool, funny, serious or sexy, what style do you like?

A very special feature of this game is the combination of power between Hero and Pet. Not only does it play a role as a support person for you, your Pet can also be associated with a hero that produces impressive attacks. They will be your partner throughout the game.

Attractive modes

Legend of Brave graphics

When playing Legend of Brave, PvE mode is a mode you can not ignore. Engage punish evil, kill monsters in the dungeon. After killing the normal monsters, you will be confronted by Boss. Boss is 69 times bigger than your character, so you have to be careful not to get overwhelmed. Once you kill them, you multiply valuable equipment. You can invite friends to fight together against the dark. Remember: Do not fall into lava when fighting the Evil Dragon!

Meanwhile, PvP Arena is where you show your skills to other players. This system brings together the most powerful warriors of the Tyrande Continent. Skills make a legend.


The graphics of Legend of Brave are pretty and lively. Characters are designed in chibi style extremely cute. You will be visiting volcanic caves, thousand year forests or snow peaks. Beautiful graphics, fascinating gameplay, unique storyline, and lots of fun features are all I want to say about this game.

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