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Today, we will introduce you to the action shooter game unique. No longer free fighters fight with factions to win. Here, you face the battle between life and death.

Following the huge success of its PlayStation 4 version, the publisher of Versus Evil decided to develop the game on both iOS and Android platforms. With addictive gameplay combining traditional 2D graphics, I claim this is one of the most worth playing games. Enjoy this game right away by downloading it to your device.


Let Them Come

Let Them Come brings the horrible death scene that you can see on the famous horror film. You are one of the astronauts to explore a strange planet to find precious resources. But the terrible thing has happened, your spacecraft has been broken. The herd of monstrous monsters is overflowing into your ship, wanting to eat every living creature because you have invaded their territory. Everyone was dead, only you alone on this ship. The whole ship has been stained with the blood of your teammates. An emergency has been sent. You have to defend yourself in the weapons cavity while to wait for them to arrive by ship. Can you survive the dead planet?

How to play?

Let Them Come has familiar action-packed shooting gameplay that you can see in many other game titles. In particular, I feel like playing Alien Shooter, but in Alien Shooter, you are free to attack the monsters; the opposite, While in this game, the monsters will attack you! Your companion in the game will be a heavy machine gun with unlimited ammunition. This is your only hope to destroy the monsters that are trying to taste the meat on you.

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Use a machine gun to wipe out the monsters. Focusing the gun up and down to release bullets. Monsters can come from anywhere. Do not panic because you have an extremely sharp sword in your hand. If there are monsters that jump to the full range you just hit the sword to the left hand of the character will swing the sword to the front. If you let the character run out of blood, you will die.

The game is divided into continuous stages according to the plot is quite interesting. Pass through the stages, you will be freed from the planet and return to Earth safely. Each level plays, Let Them Come brings different monsters. From monsters to the flesh, flying monsters, climbing monsters,… In the important stages, you also have to face the terrible monsters.

Also, kill small monsters that will give you very little money to upgrade. When I encountered the bosses of the stage, I felt the firepower was too weak to destroy, but I had less money to upgrade the weapon. It takes a lot of time to die in that scene to accumulate enough money to upgrade, kill the boss and overcome. It is true that in this game, failure is the mother of success.

One more thing, according to me, in situations where particularly dangerous monsters appear, the game should have a special sound effect, not just a small warning. So sometimes I was beaten up unexpectedly.

Weapons can be upgraded

Let Them Come 3

Besides, you can easily upgrade your weapon through the game’s upgrade system. Equipped yourself with additional grenades, cannon or increased damage to machine guns thanks to the upgraded system in the shop. It is quite inconvenient that you can not upgrade while fighting but have to wait for the character to die to upgrade weapons. This sometimes gives rise to the inhibitions when playing because when the Boss is strong, you can not upgrade. Really inconvenient.

Let Them Come 2

2D Design

Let Them Come has the familiar 2D graphics, the style of the previous addictive game. The image is dark, tingling with horror, so this game limits the age. The effect when you kill the monsters that they explode, the blood and organs splashing in all sorts of colors look funny. Also, the sound also adds to the horror element in this game. But monster hunting or gunfire will make you feel incredibly nervous when playing.

It’s time to Download Let Them Come!

I feel that Let Them Come is exciting and extremely easy to play. Simple control system makes it easy to familiarize yourself with all operations. However, the game does not provide you with open space, as if out of the area, you will die. Also, the new game has only one mode. We hope that the publisher will soon offer more attractive modes to the game.

If you are tired of being a thief in Antihero (Another Versus Evil game), you can download Let Them Come on the device via the links below. Note that the game currently supports iOS (IPA Available), users have to wait a further time if you want to experience on Android.

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