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Lord of Dice is a new action-packed action game recently released by Kakao Games Corp. This is one of the leading games in the Western progress of the popular Asian games. The game really brought a new breath between the choking action games on the market. No longer is the combat, Lord of Dice brings you a relatively gentle tactical game, combined with the card system will certainly make you enjoy. The game is called the bug version of Yugioh. However, we see that this is actually a game that has unique gameplay.

The lord

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In the Lord of Dice world, our heroes wake up after a long sleep. All are trapped at the top of the Infinity Tower by the dark forces. You need to fight all the monsters along the way, level up, gain strength and climb to the top of the tower to find the dark lord. Only he can return your memories and help the heroes return home. As I see it, the plot of Lord of Dice is rather sketchy. However, the gameplay of the game is not affected much by the plot.

The gameplay you are looking for

Lord of Dice possesses an immersive action-packed turn-based action-packed Co-op style. Your task is not just to fight and combat your hand, instead, you have to spend a lot of money to play this game. Calculating carefully each move gives you a certain advantage over enemies, even if you are weaker. This is what makes Lord of Dice special. Fight to open the plot. Many mysteries in the Lord of Dice world are waiting for you to discover. In particular, the higher the tower fights, the more you will receive cards and special rare items.

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However, the gameplay of Lord of Dice relies on the element of luck. Why? Let me reveal to you the following. Your attacks in this game are determined by the dice system. In each battle, you will be taken to a map that is a multi-plotted road. Cuddle to help your character move, thereby collecting resources as well as throwing down the opponent. A series of monsters will be placed on the road to prevent your journey. However, nothing can make these brave knights difficult.

Multi-card system

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Lord of Dice possesses more than 200 character cards for players to conquer. Each card has its own power as well as an effect for completely different characters. Possing the most powerful cards is also making your character stronger in attacks. The 5-star cards are the rarest, you have to be a very lucky person to own them. In particular, some cards do not work immediately but buff the next turn. Pay attention.

PVP real-time mode

In addition to the familiar story-playing mode, Lord of Dice also offers players real-time PvP modes and special stages. Use your strategy to win players around the world in PvP mode. In addition, the guild system or resource collection is equally interesting. You can invite your friends to break the strong bosses in the stages. Logging in daily, weekly also helps you get a lot of valuable booties.


Lord of Dice designs in Korean-style graphics. The shape of the character is extremely beautiful, seductive. However, in the battle, the characters are made in Chibi style looks very cute and flexible. The combat effects are not fussy, but they are extremely smooth.

It can be said, Lord of Dice APK MOD is the role-playing game is born for you. No more fighting, new gameplay, over 200 cards and hundreds of enemies waiting for you in this game. I love the graphics of this game and its thoughtful mechanism too. If you are looking for a game, why not try this game?

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