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Referring to the racing game, we will think about the hit games such as Asphalt, Need For Speed, … However, besides the games mentioned above, there are countless interesting titles as well but less famous. And the game I want to introduce to you is no exception. This is a very fun and exciting terrain motorcycle racing game. This game has a classic style, like the racing games that we used to play in the past, but has been upgraded a lot regarding gameplay as well as graphics. Publisher Turborilla has released this game on both the iOS and Android operating systems. The game is called Mad Skills BMX 2.

A new improvement

Mad Skills BMX 2 free

Compared to its predecessor, Mad Skills BMX 2 has been completely transformed. If you love speed sports, then you can not ignore this extremely interesting game. Not the million dollar superbike on colourful arcades, the game will focus on the theme of cycling. However, do not be scorned by the certainty that you will enjoy playing the first game. Come to Mad Skills BMX 2 you will be participating in the bike race in the terrain is extremely funny rather than just racing.

Mad Skills BMX 2 screenshot 2

This game is quite fun. Players experience superior racing techniques from top-class terrain athletes. Your task is simply to race to the finish line to win. Is not that so easy? Sure, the racetrack in Mad Skills BMX 2 is designed folding, zigzag causing many difficulties for the racers. No matter how professional the steering wheel you have, you must stumble a few times when playing Mad Skills BMX 2. With the extremely intuitive virtual key system, you will easily get accustomed to the control of the bike. However, to master it takes a lot of time.

2 game modes

Mad Skills BMX 2 screenshot

Mad Skills BMX 2 has two modes of play: racing to pass the race and 1vs1 racing with online players. Each match, you experience a completely different map. From the woods, the desert, the ruins to the track filled with spectators. In the 1vs1 mode, speed up your bike, minimize stumble to beat other players, win the game. The longer you take to the finish, the more you will set the record of Mad Skills BMX 2. Besides, each week Mad Skills BMX 2 held the race extremely attractive ratings. Beat the other million players to climb the highest ranking of the game. You can also invite your friends to a friendly match.

Complete the task, unlocking the unique bike system

Mad Skills BMX 2 bike

Complete all the missions in Mad Skills BMX 2 to unlock the game. Each level has special challenges that require you to pass. Try to get five stars on each level, proving to be a good race bike driver. Also, show off your driving technique to get higher scores. Roll over some aerial loops, drift and more. Mad Skills BMX 2 will awaken the maximum of your technique and concentration.

Up to seven bikes are built to be unique to unlock in Mad Skills BMX 2. Also, you can also upgrade the equipment as well as change a bit of appearance. Create your own style of bikes to inspire each race. The publisher is actively promoting more vehicles in the next upgrade.

Fun 2D design

The graphics of this game are not significant. Certainly, with the classic Mad Skills BMX 2 graphics cannot be compared to the popular racing game on the market, but the game will make you happy by the fun of it. Design in 2D, but the physical operations of athletes look very smooth, professional. Not only that, it’s very funny too. Also, it is impossible not to praise Mad Skills BMX 2 with the fun and exciting music throughout the course of the game. For every major event or holiday around the world, the game will change the look and feel of the map, and countless other details of the holiday. You also experience a lot of exciting gameplay modes, bringing back valuable gifts that can not be missed.

This game has a APK MOD version (Unlimited money) for you.

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